Belly button s**

I absolutely love having my belly button s**. The first time I tried it I had in a crop top that stopped under my bra. I had on some lose fitting shorts. My belly is 50 inches round and my belly button is about 4 inches wide and pretty deep. I was at the park walking around and people were gawking and laughing at me. Some guy walked up to me and asked me why I have my fat belly out. I told him I was hot and wanted to cool off. He said I was grossing passerby out. He then asked me why my belly button was so huge? I told him I didn't know. He said do I like d**** in there. I said I never tried. So he asked me to walk to a secluded side of the park with him. We walked over there. He had me lay in the grass on my back and he sat on my hips. He then started fingering my belly button and telling me that he liked it. It was starting to tickle so I asked him to stop. He said no, I tried to stop his hands from ticking me and he grabbed both of my hands and tickled all around my belly and deep inside my belly button. I was laughing hysterically. He then let my hands go and he started grabbing my belly rough and then he pulled out his d*** and stuck it in my belly button. It tickled but it felt good at the same time. He was stroking and stroking while smacking my belly. He then started tickling me so that my belly could jiggle against his d***. He kept pumping and pumping while tickling me like crazy! He then busted in my belly button. He then got up and walked off. I got up walked off with his c** dripping out of my belly button button. It was the greatest experience ever.

May 22, 2017

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  • Wow, never heard of this before.

  • I f*** my friend's belly button sometimes. She struggles to meet guys because she is fat, and I struggle to keep girls because my d*** is small so she dominates me. She says I'm too small for her fat p**** so I need to f*** her belly button, I can get about half in and will c**. She always makes me lick it clean though. Then I go down on her with my cummy mouth. Yeah I know it's f***** up but we enjoy it!

  • You sound like a good time. Your little d*** all up in a deep belly button is hot.

  • Its so hot! It's the only s** I've had in the last 5 years and it's all that gets me off. She says such humiliating stuff that I c** within minutes sometimes. She sends me pics of her belly button for me to w*** to. I wish I could please her the same but the best I can do it wear a strapon and f*** her which she loves but it's not the same for her as a areal d***.

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