First purchase of panties

I have just purchased my first pair of ladies panties for myself today. The thrill of the buy as the shop assistant obviously knew they were for my own stiff encasement was immense. The assistant loved the task of helping me choose exactly what was perfect. A tiny U. K. size 8 black lace / Lycra thong. I have just squeezed into such and my 9 inch member looks and feels amazing - I swear the buldge looks terrific as my c*** positively strains against the flimsy feminine material that struggles to hold my c*** in place.

I would love for a fellow panty lover to comment.

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  • Please tell me detailed taboo filth of what a cheap council estate chavvy cumslut daughter my lil girl Megan N from Widnes, Oakfield primary school is for local old men and even K9 c*** n s**** , love idea of her insulting and cucking me if she knew I wear and w*** with n share her underwear mmm -

  • I have only been brave enough to buy panties a few times but glad I did. The last time was at an all night adult store and 2 female employees insisting they needed to help me was at first terrifying but when I noticed them exchanging giggles and I could tell they realized that I was not shopping for a girlfriend I told them that I hoped that it was not inappropriate but I was buying panties for myself. They said they could tell and spent the next 20 mins helping me find panties and even a garter corset and even silk stockings. They laughed as I was walking out and one said he probably has such a little d***! I looked at her and shook my head yes and left. I am going back there now and I am gonna tell them my d*** is tiny. Wish me luck

  • Bullshit

  • Only 9 inches? I guess that was lucky.

  • When I was in high school I used to walk through the department store. They had a mannequin in a black leotard up high so you could see it from all over that floor of the store. I used to walk through several times a week.

    I decided I wanted one.

    Eventually I took the train to a different store where no one would know me and I went and found them on the shelves and went to the counter. I reckon the operator knew. I'm sure my face was red as.

    I used to wear it under my clothes and sometimes I would sleep in it.

    One day I found it in my underwear draw. Mom had found it where I used to hide it under my mattress and washed it. It was I admit pretty smelly as I has masturbated in it a few times. As you do. She came in to my bed room one night and said not to be embarrassed and that it's fun to explore and experiment.

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