P**** for a day

So my wife and I are open and honest in our s** life. We don't exactly have a completely open marriage, but she has had s** with her long time best friend a few times. Before our wedding she asked if I would let her have s** the night before the wedding. I asked with whom. She said her bff Cassie. I immediately got h**** at the thought. She had mentioned being curious but didn't know how to go about doing it, etc. Since then she has had s** with her probably a dozen times in the 6 years we have been married. We also have an active s** life.

Anyway, onto the subject. We were in bed and she asked me what I thought about her having a p**** for a day. I asked what she meant. She said, "Like I got one wish and it was to have a p**** for a day." I said, "Would you wanna f*** Cassie with it?" She said, "Well, yeah, but what about you?" I said, "What about me?" She said, "Would you suck my c***?" I said, "You are otherwise a woman right? Same figure, same b****, all that?" She said, "Yeah. Would you?" I said, "Well yeah, I would." She said, "Would you swallow?" I said, "Yeah probably." She said, "Would you let me f*** you?" I said, "Why are you asking all this?" She said, "I'm just curious. So would you?" I said, "How big a d*** are we talking?" She said, "Oh I dunno. 7-8 inches. A decent size one." I said, "It might be kinda hot. You having a d*** for the day and that's what you wanted. I wouldn't say no." She said, "That's why I love you. Most guys would be all like no way I'm not gay."

May 23, 2017

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  • Sounds like she has a s****** lined up for you

  • She has been f****** me with a strap on for a few months now.

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