My l*** for her feet

I feel quite guilty about this, but over the last couple of years I have found myself attracted to my friends wife. Well to be more precise her feet, especially in high heels or pantyhose and painted toes.

My attraction to her feet came as a shock to me as I have never really enjoyed this type of fetish with a woman or had desires of that nature. It possibly stems from the fact I find her quite assertive and controlling and would like to be dominated by her.

My l*** for her feet has become a bit of an obsession, I now can't get aroused without thinking about her feet sexually and if i see her barefoot in person I blush and get visibly aroused. On one occasion she caught me staring at her feet and asked me why - I made some feeble excuse which she chuckled at. But to my shame on a different occasion while alone at their house, I became overcome with desire and sniffed a pair of her shoes while masturbating, it was honestly the best o***** I have ever felt. I think I may need to tell her about my love of her feet but am worried it will ruin my friendship with her and my friend. Any advice?

May 26, 2017

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  • My wife's friend knows I have a foot and high heel fetish, wife told her. She always has her toes painted nicely and wears sexy heels when I see her. She teases me when my wife isn't about, even rubbed my crotch once and felt me get hard so I grabbed her foot and licked from her toes to her ankle. She responded by pushing my face away with her foot. I almost came in pants. We haven't done anything like that since but she does still tease me waving her feet around, dangling her heels etc. She is such a c*** tease.

  • It is normal I have the same fetish for pretty feet , soles and toes , it is the most common fetish men have . I miss it when I used to take of my ex shoes and cuddle her feet and lick her soles for ages

  • Yeah, I just feel bad that's it's my friend's wife. She has amazing feet and shoes. She must notice me staring.

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