I want my wife to enjoy another c***

I really want my wife to have s** with another men, almost a year ago I confessed that I had cheated on her (but I was drunk and high, I know it's not an excuse) but I really regret it! She forgave me and asked if it meant something and I said no of course not, and it didn't.
So I also came clean that I have a tumblr account where I sometimes posted a picture of her (without face of course), and that I repost stuff like watching my wife with a stranger and letting her enjoy herself with whomever she wants.
She didn't really care that I was posting pictures of her as long as her face wasn't on it, but at first she was really disgusted that I wanted her to watch having s** with other guys, also about over a year ago I bought her a gift a anklet, and that means that my wife is married but also is free to other guys.
So now she sometimes even watched tumbler and even p*** with me, and we also bought a realistic d****, and she really I mean really enjoys it! And I also bought a strap-on to wear the d**** and f*** her with it and she always o****** so hard. Now my question is, did somebody else have the same fantasies and how to proceed so maybe she can someday really enjoy a big c*** and have fun?!

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  • Amasterdaddy at yahoo

  • I also wish my wife to f uck a big c**k. email me we can talk. Can I see some pics. ramirezjohn3214@gmail.com

  • My wife started to f uck with strangers not that long after we got together 15 years ago,she was 39 then I was 48,she had a tame entrance into s** and had never orgasmed before meeting me or had any big or quality c***,I taught her how to c u m and boy did she enjoy it,next was taking her out in public without bra n panties, flashing her tight, bald n puffy c u n t off in public places and then choosing a young guy or girl to approach for fun,after the first few months of this she then confessed to only wanting muscular and very young guys with very big cut c o c k s so we Perseude that Avenue ever since, I am always there watching except for once when she was in Barcelona and took on two young bodybuilders at an event in the city,she told me all about it on the phone the next morning as she recovered, showed me the pics on her iPhone as well

  • I TO got my wife to f*** other men she was a virgin when we married so i wanted her to try other c*** s so she. Agread to try and she loved it she has had six other men and i get to watch it is such a turn on watching men use her body and creampie her shaven p**** erich

  • To be enjoyed!

  • Would you let her f*** a Bbc

  • That's up to her, as long as she would enjoy.
    I bought a d**** ( one of those cyber skin and doc Johnson, they feel super real) for her sometime ago and I tried to go a little bit darker, it's not completely black but also not white and, boy she had o****** on that thing, I'm thinking of getting a darker and a little bitter one in the near future, I just love to see her enjoy 😊!

  • Wow that's awesome, I would love it!

  • The thing is, my wife is o my 26 and I'm 29 years old

  • I'm down to f*** your wife buddy.. is she hot ?

  • You can f*** my virgin fiancée, too.

  • Who wouldn't say his wife isn't hot but I can show some pictures, the. You can see for yourself.

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