I am a 42 year old big titted very curvey women who love sexs but i allways want my a*** f****** so hard that just before he comes i suck my a*** juice of his c*** before sucking him dry, i like to wear a dog collar and lead i have asked my bf to by me a dog cage and lock me in the shed in it so when he wants to use my body he can when ever he wants , i want his to p*** on me and f*** my a*** mouth and p**** as many times as he wants , i want him to stretch my a*** and p**** wide so he can fisted them both , i dont mind if he wants to show me off to his friends and let them f*** me , he has made me once have a 3 some with him and his mate and the both ordered me to please them any way they wanted and i loved it , i want to be his s** slave but he is a bit unsure , i have brought a mouth gag which keeps my mouth open so if i am asleep and he wants a b******* he can just start frusting my mouth to wake me up and theres nothing i can do about it i am so open to anything i would never say i want do that (except kids no go ) but anything else i will do i am thinking about humiliation s** all the time any chance i get i am watch p*** , i would love to have 5 guys at the same time i also would love to be taken for walks nakered just wearing my collar and lead in the park so guys walking there dogs would see that am his dog his pet he owns me

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  • You're a disgusting hog!

  • Please post things like this on naughty post

  • I'm my husband's slave, I'm 45 42gg saggy t***. He cages me at night, before taking me into the woods to pee and poo. We have had a number of encounters were several men have f***** me. On his 50th birtday he arranged for 5 men to f*** me any way they wanted and they did, even hole was Dore after 3hrs of f******, he f***** another woman and I had to lick her clean, while being f***** anally.
    I protest but in reality I love it but it makes it more fun if he thinks he's forcing me x Jane

  • You sound like a fantastic wife. Your husband is lucky.

  • Thank you are you male or female? I like both

  • Get back to me, my husband's friend has just f***** me and there are three others waiting, my c*** is sore

  • Those 12-year olds have a lot of stamina, don't they?

  • Omg im so wet

  • The let me lick you. Then fist you

  • I love that

  • Thanks I love being free so my master can make all the decisions and I just give him anything he wants and tells me to

  • You sound like so much fun

  • Thank u I am really not to sound big headed I love to please in any way I can it sounds funny I run my own business I do all cooking cleaning and love s** .

  • Such wifey material

  • Am more of a good s** slave me I so love to be used properly I would love to suck and f*** and like 10 men at once and maybe have a nibble on some p**** too

  • I'll definitely f*** you!! So much fun and potential also. Mmmmmm I'm getting hard already x

  • Really what u make me do for u

  • I'd like to start by making you kneel before me and take my c*** in your mouth, sucking me off till I c** all over your face and watch it dribble onto your chest. Then I'd f*** you hard like I was raping you. While you recovered I'd have all my friends come over and work you hard in every hole and making sure you were covered in c**

  • Mmm sounds like fun love double pen me

  • Picture 2 c**** in your p**** with one on your ass and another sliding into your throat

  • Count me in

  • Count u as one of the ten or master material

  • Both

  • If I took you for walks naked in the park I would make sure it was the busiest time for dog walking so I could get you mounted by as mang dogs as possible while the owners get to f*** your pretty little mouth. Would definitely have to find some really big dogs like Great Danes so your could feel their massive c*** swell inside you then have their knots buried deep inside you as they pump load after load of hot c** up your c*** into your womb

  • I have never had s** with a dog before thought about having my p**** liked by one tho

  • Have you thought anymore about the dog s** yet?? Have a look on google and tell me if it takes your fancy or not.

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