My insecurities

My 2 front teeth are dead from trauma.
I am 30 lbs overweight according to my bmi
I have trichotillomania and I pull out my eyelashes.
People notice.
All of these things...
I feel so worthless

Jun 3, 2017

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  • You are not worthless and you have nothing to be embarrassed about. Life has ups and downs and this is just one ride of many. You're going to get through this. Take some deep breaths and trust. You wrote this post, now it's out there. It's time to get your life back, one day at a time. Have you considered a hypnotherapist for the trichotillomania, it may be life changing for you. For the weight, invest in yourself and look into a personal trainer. Or start just by walking. The exercise may help with anxiety and stress and may help with the trichotillomania.. And then 3rd, call your dentist and look into what your options are for your teeth. It feels like a big weight to deal with all these things but you have to just start somewhere to help yourself. You'll be okay. Tomorrow, pick up the phone and just make one appointment.

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