Was raped by my cousin

I was raped by my cousin not once but 3 times when I was 11 years old , he was 19 that time . This happened 12 years ago . I never told anyone about the incident . a few weeks ago I heard that he raped my 12 year old cousin and that brought back all the memories of what he did , ( he took my virginity ) now I feel like talking and tell people of what he did but I am scared .

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  • Murder him

  • You heard.... You heard.... Then it brought back memories of.... Don't even start with that retarded syndrome that was examined based on rumors many years ago. This type of gossip crap isn't even suitable here. What you're referring to has absolutely NO credibility whatsoever anyhow.
    Furthermore, due to overuse & abuse of it, the 'r' word holds no credibility in itself anymore. It's referred to now as coercive or assertive sexual relations and is regarded mainstream now as more of nature itself dictating a man's & a woman's behavior than a cruel violation of any kind. Even lawmakers and the courts have reexamined & modified their interpretation of nature's dictation upon men's as well as women's behavior regarding such.

  • Further more you just some b****

  • I remember you, from similar comments made on "rape" last year. Learn some new s***!

  • Perhaps, however I doubt it. Similar factual information regarding a subject or in this case a theory, can be expressed in a similar fashion among educated people. That stated, it's sad that you don't quite comprehend my verbiage regarding the accurately corrected perception of a theory you appropriately state as "rape". Take the advice of your last sentence.

  • Rainn.org. A good place to start.

  • The best thing you can do is take a baseball bat and kneecap the guy. No need to drag anyone through court. Street justice.

  • Good point! I would've suggested, drugging the person and ramming a bat up his ass - fisting style.

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