I knew there was a problem, but not from this website

To h*** with this site, that could've killed me. And over what? nothing. I can't f****** believe this site

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  • A *website* nearly killed you? That's how this reads. And I really can't take anyone seriously who either can't express themselves clearly or are nearly killed by something that only exists in cyberspace. So which are you, idiot or pu$sy?

  • Derp too!

  • Luvly

  • This web site is a serious problem.

  • We only go 2'dz sites cuz we don't k where to go

  • It's not the web site. It's the f****** idiots who believe everything they read on the internet.

  • You are one of them".............

  • I said f****** idiots who believe what they read on the internet, but I forgot to include f****** idiots who assume s***. Like you!

  • You are one of them dumbshit

  • Brilliant comeback. "You're one! You're one! Nah nah nah!"
    Grow up.

  • It's not this website that's the problem, it's the individuals who created it and who submit their s*** on it, including you and I :)

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