Embracing day with mom. Nudity infront of mom.

Hai iam 18 years old boy. This is my life experience which I had last month. I would like to share it here. One day I'm not comfortable in my room because my Air-conditioner is not working it is very hot. So I slept in nude I locked the door but my room door having tow way locking system. People out of the room can easily enter into room.Next day Morning my mom came into the room and I was naked. She saw my totally nude and she woke me up. She said I'm getting late to my colleage. She saw my face filled with shy and she said need not to worry about nudity it's totally fine to her to see me naked. That day I felt very embarrassed but later it became Normal.

Jun 12, 2017

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  • Yes, you are a most likely a sprouting young gentleman ; perhaps with many desires too. Naturally she is correct, comforting you not to be embarrassed being naked in her presence. I support one to embrace their naked state. It's refreshing to see your mother with such a healthy demeanor regarding nudity. Beyond dispute, it cannot me denied that it is stimulating in and to some degree whenever anyone observes one of the opposite s** naked. To that point and presuming your manly hormone levels are elevated due to your age, you must be aspiring to see a woman such as your mother naked as well. Regarding her positive attitude toward nakedness, it would be fair to suggest that the both of you can practice nudism in each others presence on a mature, adult level.
    For your benefit as well as hers, I advise you to bring this healthy concept to your mother's attention. It's a fair bet that she will welcome such foresight and display of your confidence.
    When you achieve that next level, permit nature to take its course. i.e. if your genitalia reach a state of arousal, again embrace it rather than being embarrassed. Your mother understands that as well. The point is to enjoy naturism/nudism to its fullest ; it is a healthy lifestyle & can lead to many emotional, psychological & physical benefits especially within the family. You will reap these dividends along with your mother I'm sure.

  • Embrace your nudity. Once you learn to life is so much free and happier.

  • Yes now iam 18 yrs old. I can sleep naked without any hesitation. I need not to lock my door. I can change my dress before my mom. It's really made me feel free and Happy. My mom will never say no to my nudity infront of her.

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