Found p***

For three years i have searched, One night three years ago as i sat at home alone I scrolled through a p*** site and found a video about "Wife sharing", I clicked on it not really thinking much about it and it came up as a very low quality video of a slim built girl standing with her back to the camera.
The video continues as two guys enter the frame and proceed to work their way from her feet kissing up her legs to her very nice little bum, After spreading her cheeks and one guy licking her bum while the other zooms in on the action and finally one guy stands up and with her bent at the waist and you can see she is flat chested as he slides his d*** in her ass.
Up until 5:43 it was just your average video of a slender girl getting f***** in the ass with poor video showing only from the top but...At that point she puts her hand back and you can see she has on a wedding ring and i could see what i thought was a tattoo on her left wrist and then she pulls her hand back and with one guy finishing inside her bum and one on her back the video never shows any faces but i had a hunch.
Luckily my wife was out of town with the kids because i began an intensive two day search looking everywhere i could for more video of her i found one more. Better quality but only a minute and a half long of her, I knew it was her, She had the same wrist tattoo which could have been anyone but i stopped and stared, I paused the video and zoomed in on her lower back, She now had a tramp stamp and the video was dated the exact year a good friend of my wife's got a tramp stamp to add to her wrist tattoo.
The final video i have found of her to date confirmed what i had been jerking off to for a year and a half since finding the last one and it is by far the best video to date, it starts with her face down and starts at her feet working up to her still small ass but you can tell it is filled out a little bit and the same, Very distinctive tramp stamp she wriggles around and lifts her ass showing her very nice, little bald p****, She reaches back and as she slides a finger in herself it shows her forearm with a tattoo of her three kids names on it.
I have always wanted to see her naked, she is slim and very nice looking but as the video shows she started out flat chested and now has very small, saggy, Empty little b****. This video shows her as she masturbates face down then they try not to show too much as he stands by her face and slides a small, Veiny d*** in her mouth but there is a half second slip up showing her face and i pretty much came right then the first time.
I have watched the video so many times as she rubs her little p**** then sucks his d*** then he tapes as he slides his d*** in her and her voice is unmistakable as he pounds her. He tapes her saggy little t*** as the flop up and down while he f**** her then she grabs her nipples and pulls them hard stretching them as she lifts her hips and he turns the camera to her face as she c***. Mouth wide open, Eyes rolling back then she clenches her teeth and pulls her nipples stretching the skin on her tiny little t*** so hard it still makes me cringe.
She flops down moaning as he pounds her hard with some jiggly camera work and then he pulls out coming on her shooting all the way up her chest and as she sputters he turns the camera to her face, She has her hands up but you can see that she has c** on her chin and lips and has her eyes closed. He puts the camera on the cheap motel night table and tapes as he put his d*** back in her and sucks her nipples as she says "owie, owie, Gentle" and wipes the c** from her eyes, She pushes him back and rubs his c** all over her tiny t*** then squeezes them and wiggles them for him.
I think between the three videos i have almost worn all the skin off my d*** and i have to j*** off before she comes over or i sit there with a h****** so long it starts to ache.

Jun 12, 2017

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  • Man I would catch her by herself and tell her what you found on the p*** site and tell her you are tired of jacking you want the real thing you have been watching if she tells the wife you wife tell everyone you all know about the site

  • That’s awesome

  • Nice, One time i found a naked selfie of my wife's little sister online, Sadly she looks better with her clothes on than off.

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