Going all the way

So I have been with my wife for 3 years now. Some of you may know there are different p**** smells. I truly love my wife's p****. I enjoy being submissive and just going to town licking her l****, sucking on her cl it or adding some ringers to the mix. While she was pregnant I decided it was time I eat not only her massive load of c** but ours mixed together in her p****. For some reason,maybe just me it's like a gag reflex. I have the hardest time eating my wife and sucking up all her c** when I have just gotten off. But this time there was no going back she put that hot smelly p**** right on top of my mouth and I sucked all of that sweet juice right out of her c***.

For our third year anniversary I did it again and also let her f*** me with a huge black d****, yeah not gonna lie a hot women pegging me in the ass is great.

So recently(yesterday) I was sucking on her t*** which is a huge turn on for both of us and a huge afrodesiac mining because her breast are still full of warm breastmilk. So I'm there sucking away and she's coddling me and pulling on my c*** when she stops. I can feel the juice spilling out of her panties and I mean it was gushing. I tell her let's go all the way but she has a most interesting idea since my daughter may have been in the next room. She tells me to go sniff her c** stained panties.

I head back to my bedroom like a kid with his first p****. I have never been big about masterbating without port but this was something like majic. Oh my God. Every time I pressed her panties to my nose was like extacy. And there was globs of her c** that I could taste as I stroked my c***. I knew what I had to do as I reached my climax. After a huge inhale of those panties I came all over them and as I sat there I imagined my wife's dripping cut full of my seed and soaking with her warm nectar. I sucked ob those panties for what seemed like an hour.

Later that night my wife saw my grin at the dinner table and knew that I definitely wanted to replay that moment again andxagain, but next time with my mouth buried in her p****.

Jun 12, 2017

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  • Wow threee whole years and you jumped right in lol

  • Fake

  • It's actually real bud.

  • I'm not your bud, so f*** off!

  • Yeah, this person post s*** on here all the time. Some of the stories, all though made up, are hot. Other stories, like this one, are just plain f****** stupid.

  • I agree

  • Exactly,they're supposedly married,yet have seperate rooms??

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