Raped twice both horrific and humiliating

I would see a counselor or shrink. I've been raped twice, no woman ever wants that to happen. The first time I filed a police report caught the guy and he got off on a technicality it was awful telling the story of it over and over. Second time I just took it and didn't fight back and just let him rape and sodomize me for about an hour. He stole my purse when he finished and has contacted me a couple times. It's horrifying hearing his voice and remembering that I didn't fight back and just let him use, humiliate, degrade and I just let him. He did impregnate me and did other gross things to me. He urinated on my face and in my mouth, his pushed his entire hand in my v*****. He didn't use a condom and orgasmed multiple times in my v***** and in my touché. He made me m********* when doing a*** s** and I cried in shame when I orgasmed. He's the first man to have a*** s** with me. It hurt a lot but masturbating helped ease the pain but tears of shame and humiliation poured out as I came then felt him c** in my touché. It felt different and warmer then in my v*****. He told me to make myself c** again while he was still in me touché. I did and still cried saying I feel so dirty and slutty doing a*** s**. So he pulled out rolled me over spread my legs and began to work his hand in to my v*****. He said I was loose and very wet cause I like this and I closed my eyes and said no please stop it hurts. He grabbed my hair and made me watch as he pushed his whole hand up past his wrist in to my v*****. I couldn't believe it he touched my g spot and sent me moaning. He pumped his hand and arm in and out touching my spot till I orgasmed screaming cause it was intense. He pulled his hand out and put it in my mouth as he entered my v***** again. He smiled at me and said I'm very stretched out and squeeze my v***** tight. I tried and did a little. He asked why I'm not resisting anymore? I said I'm numb on humiliation and just want you to finish raping me so I can put this behind me and forget it ever happened. He smiled and moaned and said he's c** again in my p****. He asked if my husband wanted s** tonight and what would I do. I began to cry again and just asked him to please just stop tormenting me and do what you want with me so it can be over. He put his p**** in my mouth and made me lick the juices off then began to urinate in my mouth and face and hair. He made me drink some and I cried the whole time he peed on me. He slapped me and told me to m********* again. I said why and he slapped me again so I did as told. He made me choose between either his hand and arm in my v***** or a*** s**. I choose the a*** s**. I got on all fours in the back of my minivan again and made myself available for him. He did me again reminding me how I picked it cause I liked it. I liked it better than his hand in my v***** and I masturbated too. I orgasmed twice before he did in me and again as and after he came in me. He grabbed my purse and tossed my keys outside so he could get away. I was a mess pee covered, c** in my v***** and touché and leaking into my panties and down my legs. My v***** is soar my touché too. I got myself together found my keys and purse but not my wallet in the parking lot. Called my husband and tried to speak without crying and apologized for running late. When I got home I went straight upstairs to the shower. It was 4 weeks later I found out I was pregnant from the rape so I had an abortion claimed it was from an extramarital affair. If you say rape, they make you report it to the police. I sometimes fantasize about that day and have masturbated when he's called me too.

Jun 17, 2017

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  • This sounds fake as f***. A woman definitely didn't write this. You don't just reach the G spot by shoving your entire hand in a v*****. G spots literally don't even exist. It has been scientifically proven. That's just something kids and teenagers talk about wondering how to reach. WTF is wrong with you.

  • If this is real and you had an abortion than please kill yourself, the child did nothing. If you say "well it's just a fetus" than you are clearly just trying to justify murder. I do hope this is bullshit, and likely is.

  • Ahh, I love it when a self-described pro-lifer contradicts themselves, which happens pretty much every time they open their gaping maws. She should kill herself but not a clump of cells that were the result of sexual assault? Gorgeous logic as always. How about YOU kill YOURself and relieve the world of another bit of unnecessary stupidity.

  • Anyone else see the problem with this story?

  • Sorry no one need ever experience what you did

  • This is some f***** up s***! Clearly fake, but still f***** up that you'd even make this kind of thing up! I sincerely think you need professional help, even if this was just meant as a trolling joke, though I doubt you'll get the help you need.

  • Sounds like both of you kind of enjoyed the experiance? maybe you must have done or why else would you have climaxed!!!

  • Five years ago my daughter had just left with her friend to go to a water park. Not more than ten minutes later there was a knock at the door ,thinking it was her and she had forgot something I opened it without a thought. I didn't have the doorknob turned fully when the door was pushed open so hard I was knocked down. I was then grabbed around my waist from behind , a hand over my mouth and a man telling me if I screamed I would regret it.
    He forced me to take him to our bedroom, made me strip off my robe leaving me in just my panties. I was then ordered to turn around and take them off slowly while he watched. When they were off he told me to face him. He was already masturbating .I begged him not to rape me , he ordered me onto my knees and out of fear of what he would do if I didn't listen to him I complied with his order.
    At first he told me to suck him and make it good. He then grabbed my hair and began to use my mouth until he climaxed ,holding my head in place and telling me to swallow it, I did.
    I was then picked up and thrown on the bed, my hands were tied to the head board . He spent the next hour playing with my body , gentle at times then rough like he wanted to hurt me . Pulling h****** my nipples , slapping me between my legs and roughly fingering me. I despite trying my hardest had two o****** during this time.
    When he recovered enough to get hard again he lifted my legs over his shoulders and went at me hard . He didn't last all that long but I had another o***** when he climaxed inside of me.
    He left leaving me tied to the bed for my husband to find me. I lied and told my husband I never saw his face as it was kept covered the whole time. The truth is I couldn't ever face him again , I was so humiliated by having him make me o***** and hearing him telling me over and over how wet I was and that I moaned in pleasure when I came as he f***** me.

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