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I'm a 36 years old single man from a European country. Only a therapist could help me find out why I'm so deeply into incest. Maybe I was abused, maybe I’m just a perv, maybe I’m just diabolical. In August 2016, I was drinking heavily and one night I started chatting on IRC---, Undernet, chatrooms like Dad&DaughterSex, OlderforYounger etc. I'm not even into my family, I like other people's incest, or maybe the idea of incest—I don’t know. In those chatrooms, there are many damaged girls, pervs etc. I have always tried to help those who were forced, raped or ‘tricked’ into s** when they were too young to understand what was really going on—the damaged ones. I tell them that if their fathers started that stuff when they were very, very little and now they say that they like it, well, they should run away and seek help. But I also liked—really liked—chatting with girls who liked telling people how they were able to seduce their dads, or how they both started together their incestuous relationship, and it didn’t really matter if they had actually done that or they were just telling me their fantasies.
Well, one night I was chatting with a girl who wanted her dad but couldn’t do anything. So, I asked her if she'd like me to talk her dad into ‘having fun’ with her. She said yes and called her dad. I chatted with him for a while, and it wasn't hard at all. I asked them to keep chatting while—you know. Well, English is not even my mother language but I was successful 13 times out of 16. The youngest girl I ‘helped’ with her dad was 14, the oldest 19, most of them from United States. I also helped 19 girls to seduce their bffs’ dads or adult neighbors and 5 women to seduce teen neighbors. God, I really liked the shivering, the danger itself, but I was able to quit my 'hobby' a few months ago. Nevertheless, I’m still into incest (that’s why I found this website): I know it’s wrong but I can’t help it. I still chat with girls and women about their experiences. Only recently I realized that I was feeling truly and deeply guilty for what I did to those innocent girls. I may have ruined their lives. I know that some of them were probably girls or men and women pretending to be girls, people that were just creating an elaborate roleplay with my help. But if only one third of them were actual girls whom I actually ‘helped’, that means I’m responsible for at least 4 incestuous relationships and 8 younger-older relationships. None of these people still chat, or they changed their nicknames, and I wasn’t able to keep in touch with them. Now I wish I could tell each one of them that what I did, even though they wanted to, is wrong and that I'm truly, deeply sorry.
It’s unlikely, but if any of those fathers, daughters, women read this, please let me know that—as far as possible—you are doing fine. To all those who might want to comment in order to ask details for their masturbation sessions, don’t bother: I won’t answer. Any other kinds of comments are welcome.


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  • I had an incest relationship with my 1st cousin. She was the best love making I've ever had. Sorry to say but we had to break it up cause one of our aunts caught us having s**.

  • 14 year old daughter?
    You just became a felon by setting this up and knowing about it.
    Copied and pasted this, sent to authorities.
    There is a reason we have child protection laws.

  • Go back to reading your bible pervert. Can't you tell this guy is full of s***.

  • Daddy daughter s** is the best mine was 8 the first time , it took a bit to get it in her but the struggle actually turned me on more and it was well worth it once I felt it go in her

  • My relationship with my nieces, who are now married and have children of their own, is a very trusting and we care a lot about each other. There is no more s** but a lot of mutual appreciation and love.

    My wife told me that her sister-in-law had promised to tell her everything about her darling boy and how he was carefully introduced into real manhood during his summmer stay with his uncles. My wife said that the thought of her daughters being "broken in" by her brother-in-law, who she greatly respects, admires and also, as she has admitted, feels very attracted to, makes her really, really excited and incredibly aroused.

    Let's see if we can continue this family tradition.

  • I had s** with both of my brother's daughters. He is 16 years older than me. He always invited me to spend my summer vacations with them. My brother slowly made sure that we spend lots of time together, made sure the whole family had regular all nude sauna sessions together, showed us how enjoyable a massage could be and his wife seemed to agree with this and also encourage it. When I first had s** with my older niece I was 18 and she was 16 and two years later I had s** with my younger niece. It happened more than once and regularily when I stayed with them.

    Now I am married and my wife knows the story. We have 1 boy and 2 daughters. My wife told me that my brother's wife had suggested that our boy who is 17 now should spend his vacation with them. My wife said that provided I agree she had no objections. I looked at her and we both knew what this meant and our glances at each other confirmed this even though we did not say a word. I nodded. My wife told me soon afterwards that our boy was really looking forward to his summer holiday and that my wife also told me that she had talked with her sister in law and both had agreed that in two and three years time, respectively, that our daughters would also start spending their summer vacations with their aunt and uncle. My older brother and his wife.

  • Love to break your little girls in but long before 16

  • email me i like ur story i feel same way

  • Okay look, just relax. It's all cool & be relieved that you expressed all this here. Actually, there's nothing extraordinary regarding any of your thoughts or perceptions. Furthermore, many,many men including I are quite fond of incest. It is natural to feel that way & it is only ludicrous, archaic, puritanical conditioning that tries to view it as unnatural. The concept is as old as the hills so you needn't be concerned why you are more interested than others.

    Don't make this adventure more complex. i.e. YOU are not responsible for any actions committed by others ; even underage girls & especially you are not even facing them. The web is no more than a VIRTUAL reality ; if one cannot keep that in perspective, that certainly isn't your problem. Additionally, feeling you are responsible for anything these girls did, if they were even 'girls', is just foolishness.
    Rememer, much can be fabricated in any type of dialogue on the web. Beleiving everything that is said to you only makes YOU the fool.
    Stop with the apologies!!

  • You should... it is wrong

  • HA! Your f***** up but then again so is the world

  • Tell me about it. How true. I just maintain that IT i.e. our perception, is all relative.

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