How to do I finger myself/ get horney

I try to finger my self but nothing happens do I have to be horney? I'm almost thirteen by the way. How do I get horney?

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  • If you we're my daughter I would have had you h**** long before 12

  • Get off this website, you're too young and susceptible to sexual predators!!

    Concentrate on your education and refocus your attention to more important things like i.e. Your grammar and punctuation skills.

    It's 'h****' not 'horney'
    It's 'myself' not 'my self'

    If this is a actually a f***** up adult, pretending to portray a child - you're more dysfunctional, than you may comprehend.

  • Totally agree!! Posts from children should not be allowed!!

  • Use a mirror to locate your c*******. When you find it rub it and that should feel good. You don't actually have to finger yourself.

  • Wow. When I was 13 I had no clue. So much has changed for you kids. I used to run around in these skimpy little sports skirts and singlet tops and had no idea of the sexual side that had on men. Now here you are with knowledge of what is to come. In some ways scary and in other ways I hope you can take it in and have a really uplifting life through a greater awareness.

    I guess I am here btw, because it's like I distanced myself in relationships because I ended up not thinking through the boy-girl / man-woman stuff. The need to be appreciated and the awareness of needs and wants and so on.

    please take your awareness and look to the future. Your hormones are rising and it wont be long before the touching leads to the most wonderful feelings. Enjoy them and enjoy finding a partner. Cry when you separate and feel the love again as you find a new special person.

    Good luck :)

  • You're 13, don't rush it. Sexuality can be fantastic, but can also be horrible if forced.

  • The op didn't mention anything, about forcing her sexuality.

    Stop deflecting and using your own judgements about your own experiences, onto this child. You should be advising her, not to use this messed up website!

    If a person wants to self satisfy at 13 or whatever age and feels the urge to do so, what's wrong with that? Stopping/restricting oneself from giving into natural urges, of masturbation at an age of self discovery - may do more harm than good. It's natural to explore oneself, on your own terms. So why mention forced? Did the girl seem like she was forcing her sexuality? She didn't state that

  • Im the mom off the girl who sent this post and I can tell you she lost her phone and ipad since I came accrosse this only yesterday. Shes being grounded by my husband and myself and she went to bed early yesterday with a well earned bare bottom spanking and same this evening at seven after her bath. We have a red little bottom girl now lie on her belly crying herself too sleep. We always hold her after spanking her and she knows we love her. Shes grounded for two weeks and lost her ipad and phone for a month with early bed time for next two weeks with a bare bottom spanking from bought my husband and myself..

  • Bare bottom means her p**** is also open, let me come over and make her feel good

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