I want to f*** my fiance's coworker/friend.

Ugh I'm going f***king crazy. I'm about to get married in about two months and I love my fiance' to pieces. He's the best. We also have a very open relationship. I have given him more than one threesome and honesty has really been our only policy for the past three years. He has a coworker who is also his friend and this dude is fu**ing sexy as h***. Lol he's so sexy ..I think about him and have to m********* like 2-3 times before I can stop thinking about him. I have a fantasy of him hanging with us and then my fiance giving him the go to just do it. Ugh it's so unbelievably frustrating because he won't let it happen. I have given him so many green lights with other chicks and I just want this one dude. It's so annoying that I can't have him and I try to get him out of my mind but I feel like I'm going crazy. I stayed up all night the other night bc I couldn't calm down. Don't even tell me I'm psychotic bc I already know.

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  • I say you tell him what comes around, goes around. You have had a threesome with other women, now it's my turn. Tell him to Invite him over or you will.
    Whatever you do, don't f*** him behind your fiance's back or your wedding will be over. And don't get married until after your threesome.

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