Wife's Skeltons revealed

My wife is this a hot bodied blonde that is 5'6" and about 120lbs. We were having s** and the topic of her sexual past came up. At first we toyed with it but soon became a regular part of our foreplay and I found it to be somewhat erotic.

In one of our sessions, I asked her to tell me about how she selected her men for s**, when she was promiscuous. She talked about the bar scene and dancing and how the guy would try to get inside her pants, and what turned her on, and off. She said she would generally start with the guys that were good looking, in good shape and that could move on the floor.

Over a period of about 6 months she would tell how different men would try to seduce her, where she would go to make out and on the rare occasion, where she would have s**. Nit never happened very frequently because She was from a conservative family with wholesome values, ya know?

I am familiar with the clubs she would frequent and I know there were nights when the crowd was a little more racially mixed. I straightbup asked if she was ever picked up by a black guy. She said, she danced with a lot of different guys but became good friends with a couple of them. She said, that she kissed a black guy, to see how she would feel about it, she thought it felt weird and kind of a turn off.

Over the next few months, I was able to get a little more of her story each time and she finally fessed up. It turns out that Shannon and Terry, where better friends than she portrayed. Shannon and Terry, would sneak out to her sisters apartment and f*** eachother's lights out. Terry was a regular f*** buddy that had unrestricted access.

She confessed to f****** like rabbits in dressing rooms, bathrooms and cars. She told of Terry's attempts to get inside of her without protection. How one day, they took the condom off, "just to see how different it would feel". I still think she knew where that would end up, but she'e stickin to the experiment plea. It turns out, Terry got his nut inside her that day and they never went back.

I found this to be a huge turn on and I got all the favorite memories. She talked about the size of his load, how some being 4 or 5 time the volume of my own How she was aroused again, by finding his seed in her panties 3&4 days later.

The thought of my wife, in her late 20's, having s** 2 to 3 times a week, for the better part of a year, with a Black guy? And then her, actually preferring and some times begging for him to give his nut deep inside? Some days Terry made my wife work to get that nut, like it was never going to happen. As if it was some kind of gold medal achievement for her job well done... I have got to confess, this has been an extreme turn on for me.

I'm not really 100 percent here, but I'm thinking that I may just give Shannon a hall pass when I finally get to meet him.

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