Lovely f****

I have been on my own for some time, my hubby past away 5yrs ago. I made a new friend, I'm 60 and she is 50. We went to Morocco for a week. On the 1st night she picked up a native bloke and flicked Jim on our room as I watched, my f**** was wet seeing him funk her. The next day he met us at the hotel bar with a friend, he was young but ugly but I could not help myself and let him f*** me. I feel like a w****

Jul 3, 2017

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  • Take my
    Next time

  • I want to taste your mature juices

  • Any time darling we could have a 69 and taste each other's juices, are you male or female

  • Look. you didn't "let" anything. There is a good reason you clearly state that you couldn't help yourself ; because nature is ever present & that young man knew that he had total control OVER you honey. Beyond any denial you may feel, It is quite clear what premise & condition you displayed as you stated in your posting thus ; this man, observing the weak woman you are, simply exercised his righteous demand, ability & strength to easily seduce and copulate with you.

    Try to keep in mind the bright side of this interaction. Most likely you've been waiting over five [5] years to get laid again. You made a conscious decision to travel to Morocco with your friend. Clearly it was the right decision, for now you will feel more comfortable around men. You know nature will prevail & that it is your duty and you have no choice but to please men who choose to mate with you. You are a fortunate lady.

  • Sisters, I wish the website wasn't so prudish so you 2 could print w_h_or_e.

  • It's good to be a w****. The world needs more s**.

  • Thank you x

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