I Love kicking boy in the B****

I was with my friends (Girls) and one of my friends brothers groped me and the boys sister got cross and tied him up andxsaid i could kick and fiddle with his p**** and b**** but i kicked him and i loved it and it was hard. He was screaming but no one heard and he didn't mind me fiddling he pushed his p**** against my leg. This may sound fake but it's real and tell me your story and btw it doesn't hurt that much getting kicked in the vag or b**** does it hurt you or are they not as sensitive as a boys weak b****

Jul 6, 2017

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  • Good place to hit for defense.

    Unprovoked can gain a grudge, promising some sort of revenge. Or will test the rules about not hitting a woman back.

    I've accidentally boxed a female friend with my knee on her pubic bone. Kinda mashed it all while colliding in a swimming pool. Poor girl. C***/l****, meet knee. WACK

  • Kick my b****?

  • It sounds like you already know it, but the way to correct bad male behavior is to kick them in the b****. It works at any age, btw.

  • Know*

  • I onow a girl who tied a boy up and kicked him in the b****

  • I have done this with a girl before!

  • But it could be true

  • That's mean

  • ???

  • Fat sack of dogshit.

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