My brother and I had s**

My biological brother and I hooked up!! We've made out before but we started having s**.....what do I tell our parents? And, my best friend likes my brother and if I told her, she would me so upset! What do I do?

Jul 12, 2017

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  • Did you use birth control or it just happened and you didn't have time to get a condom?

  • Why would you tell anyone? You seemed to enjoy it and liked that it was taboo s**? Just be careful not to get caught and enjoy yourself.

  • Don't say a damn thing.

  • Totally fake news. Pretty sure this post and the stepbrother posts in recent days are from the same loser.

  • U rite its me

  • Oh don't worry. Upset? She'll be disgusted and won't want to be your friend anymore. Your parents will have to homeschool you or send you away because of the sheer embarrassment that their children are too dumb not to know to NOT to s**** one another.

  • I am stupid...

  • You need to be home schooled!

    You aren't exactly literate!

  • F*** off b****

  • Lol illiterate and inarticulate, what a lovely set of skills you have :-)

  • Fake!

  • Ur rite

  • Just a wild idea, why don't you keep your mouth closed about it.

  • Sarcastic much? Thanks for the "great" advice....go suck a d***

  • Did you enjoy it

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