Used P****

I have been married to my wife for ten years, so I know when she is in the mood and when she is not. I also know that when she is not in the mood her p**** is dry as f*** and we sometimes have to use KY so she does not pull my p**** off.
The other night I was extremely in the mood to have s** and kept coming on to my wife. She kept telling me no but finally gave in and decided to give me s**. I wanted to just do it there on the couch but she insisted that we had to go to the bed room where it was dark. I agreed and we headed for the bedroom. I grabbed the KY as I knew she was going to be dry then jumped in bed.
I started to finger her and was shocked to find out she was sloppy wet. Not just a little wet. I am talking she was wet as if I had already c** in her. I was so h**** that I just forgot about it and jumped on top. When i slid my p**** in her she was so f****** wet and sloppy that I could hardly feel a thing.
I shot my load in her and then went to take a shower. I know she had to of f***** another guy before I got home from work that day. There is no way she was that wet when she did not want s** anyway.
I did ask her later why she was so wet but she acted like she did not know what I was talking about. She had to of f***** another guy or still is f****** him.

Jul 16, 2017

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  • So what if she did f*** someone else? My wife f**** another guy. Doesn't bother me one bit

  • You aren't the op, dumbass! Everyone has different perspectives!

  • She is totally f****** another guy. If she denies it, one thing you can do is periodically make her drop her panties and check to see if she's dry or wet. Do the checks at random. That with give you some data to use to see if she's telling the truth.

  • How old are you?! Because you're a f****** idiot, if you truly believe your wife was f****** someone else, just because she was extremely wet!!!

    You also stated when your wife is not in the mood, she's dry and you use my when she is. So that means, she has s** with you when she doesn't want to. Are you forcing her to have s** then? Are you taking advantage of her? It seems like she doesn't want to f*** you the majority of the time then, a part from that one time she was wet. So, was her being wet a shock for you then, because she's dry and u willing the majority of the times you engage in s**, is that why you think she f***** someone else?

  • OP is not very smart or connected to his wife,it doesnt matter if they were married 10 yrs,what a dickcheese!!

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