Drugs s** and bad decisions

I have been with my girlfriend for 6 years. We split up after 3 and a half years then got back together during our time apart I would shave s** with other girls and go back to hers and sleep with her the next day. I also had s** with her 2 best friends in the same night.

Now I'm back with her, she had a miscarriage and blamed me for being away due to work and not choosing to be with her. I went out to my local pub took X amount of cocaine and was drunk. My best friends gf offered me a lift home, she's a flirt and she got me rowdy, I tried it on with her and she declined and told my gf.

I take cocaine from time to time and my gfs little sister does aswell, the other night I offered her some and she said yeah, afterwards we started talking about her s** life and what she likes. I now want to have s** with her and I think she does with me aswell.

She came in the bathroom while I was in the shower and took an eyeful of my c*** and always walks about when Im in myself with little shorts and near enough see through tops. She has her nipple pierced and a skinny little body. Do I try it on or talk to her ?

Jul 16, 2017

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