Craving for domination

I am 27 years old girl...I am in relationship with my boyfriend more than 7 years. we had s** now the thing is am craving for domination/humiliation/bondage s** now. I cant tell him about this fantasy and I am ready to get from some other. Please help me what to do? whether I can convince him for bdsm s** or I have to search for someone?

Jul 21, 2017

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  • Being dominated is very normal. I am a dom s***** at heart. And I like being dominated by women. Submit to your needs.

  • Amasterdaddy at

  • I totally get why telling him feels a bit scary. There is a big risk that he'll be weirded out and not understand at all, but there's also the chance that he'll understand or maybe even like the idea.
    I'm not into that kinda thing personally, but I have a few friends who are into it. When one of them told her boyfriend at the time (they had been together for 12 years and even talked about marriage!), he reacted so strongly that they eventually broke up three months later. So even though that doesn't have to happen in your case, I get why you're unsure about it.

    May I ask where you live? I'm not asking to be creepy (as I said, I'm not even into that). But since I have a few friends who have it as sort of a lifestyle, I do know what the scene looks like in a few countries. Depending on where you live, I could recommend where you could go (to do anything from just talking it out and getting support from others in the same situation, to living out your fantasizes, all depending on what you're looking for.


  • If u would like to hv with another guy. M there. M from india too

  • Ur email address?




  • Craving for domination or humiliation is fairly common. If you care about your relationship, you need to be honest. If he loves you he should understand. Now, you may want to tell him how you feel without shocking him too much if possible. Maybe start letting him know what you'd like him to do in bed, but maybe start with something soft, like being tied or blindfolded. I wouldn't go and find that somewhere else

  • Why can't you talk with him about it??? Ifs this something you want to hide??

  • Is it ok to be open with him? Is thr any chance that he may think negative?

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