I was staying with my brother.He has four kids,the oldest was a boy.At then time he was about 8.I was asleep one night and felt someone crawl in bed with me.I was use to one of the kids doing it.I was half asleep when I felt a little hand stroking my c***.I always sleep nude.It felt great,I opened my eyes and the eight year old was stroking my c***.F*** it felt great.I had never had thoughts about kids sexually.I put my arm around him and he jumped.I told him it was okay to keep doing it.He was curious so I told him to kiss it.That lead to him sucking my c***.Taught him to suck my c*** and b**** and eat loads.He would slip in my room couple times a week and soon showed him how good it felt to be sucked.He couldn't c** but loved me licking his ass and c***.



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  • I was eight also when I became curiously attracted to an older neighbor boy who was in highschool. He'd watch me when Mom went shopping etc. and napping together in our tighty-whities became sexual. I knew he found me cute and the bulge in his underpants made me curious so I kinda teased him without understanding the feelings I was having. He was gay and told me he found my cute little butt irresistibly sexy, i had no idea what gay was but I told him his p**** looked cool too. It wasn't long before he was in those cute little tighty-whitie underpants, f****** my tight little boysass. Everyone says how much it hurts, gay s** the first time? Mine was a wonderful experience, him c****** inside of my butt the first time was a little weird, but it was a awesomely good, warm feeling. After he assured me that he wasn't peeing inside of me he convinced me to take it passed my full pouty lips.

  • Paedophilia is immoral and unlawful! What the f*** is wrong with you!!!?????

  • You do it all the time. You were bragging on the other forum about the 8 year old you "bagged".

  • Wow. but dont you think you should not be doing it? i mean, this is pedophilia not only that but you are being sexual with you brothers son.

  • Delete this

  • I agree, it's disturbing

  • Not compared to what you did to the neighbor boy. Sicko!

  • Why, because you don't like what you read? It's called "confessions" for a reason. I don't share this guys experiences but not every story on here is going to be interesting to you so move on.

  • Agreed

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