Addicted to catfishing people [I know i'm an a******]

I don't catfish people because i want money or to be in a relationship. I love that feeling of "first love" (genuinely only experiencing it once), and then the drama of breaking up with someone. I'm absolutely addicted to the thrill of getting someone to like you, intriguing them, and then cutting it off out of nowhere.

Guys and women alike, it doesn't matter. I have multiple accounts of me being both on a dozen of dating sites. I'm currently working on a lovesick 23 year old guy, a woman with a bratty teen, and someone who isn't interested yet, but likes to talk about their problems.

Here's how i do it. I go onto Google Images, and look for the newest armature shots (selfies mostly) of people i think will attract others. I alter the pictures, shaving the sides, changing the brightness, and changing color- then keep searching it through Google Images until it no longer shows up as a suggestion. This way, if the other person looks up a photo, they won't get anything and they will think i'm a real person. After that, i go through a process of wooing them, albeit using a bit of my own personality (if you can call it that). I cut it off before they ask to meet up with me, Skype, or whatever else. Normally that takes about a week, two at most.

I'm an a****** for pretending to be someone i'm not and potentially breaking their hearts, but i also feel like doing this will make them stronger. Trusting people over the internet in this day and age is a mistake. I'm living proof of that, and hope whoever is reading will take this as a warning. I have no plans on stopping, getting help, or "seeing the light". Best wishes to you.


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  • The closest I've ever come to catfishing was having a couple of fake Facebook accounts. I never used them to play people for money or attention. At first I felt a little guilty (along with the excitement of pretending to be someone else), but after reading crap like this, I don't anymore.

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  • Only did the catfishing thing once, to a woman I broke up with, but, wanted to see what she was up to online. Made a fake FB name, gathering 50-60 friends so it would look genuine, then hit her up. Started chatting with her every day, usually several times, to the point she'd have pet names for "me". Really had her hooked, and even told "me" about the real me. Admitted she'd had dinner with another guy the night it all came down between us, but "He (meaning, the real me) didn't believe me that nothing happened".

    I made excuses about talking on the phone, saying my phone was work's, not mine, and they tracked my calls. Every time she suggested getting my own, I'd avoid the subject. Came close to meeting, then I made another excuse to call it off. Still told me she was in love with me..Well, the fake me. I'd get the I love you's, be by my side,etc, and think...Wow..I didn't plan on going this deep into this.

    Made it so uncomfortable and avoiding that she stopped contacting the fake me. A few months later, the real me reconnected with her, so tempted to say something but knowing better. I almost slipped when out with her a few weeks ago. My brain took over, though, telling myself "No, no, no..

  • Hey i love posting nude pics of my wife and pretending to be her. so many guys start messaging me on whichever site i use begging to meet me and f*** me. I pretend for days or even weeks to be her and these guys do so much. My favorite is getting them to make tribute pics or vids of them c****** on pics of my wife. once i get that from them i cut them off and disappear. i've done this to dozens of guys all over the world. The European guys tend to be the easiest to trick.

  • Whatever. I beat my lover. Each to their own

  • Sure you do, incel

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