Ok so I'm going into 7th and I have a huge crush on my guy friend, he's super athletic and he's really good at basketball, when we were little he played basketball against me and my friend at recess. She also liked him when we were little. He came to my school in about 1st grade and has been here ever since. My friend and I have been friends since we were basically born! Lol! But in fifth grade he asked HER out and I mean I was happy for her but deep down I still really liked him. We still played basketball together at recess except our other bestie also joined us... Now the guy I like, well he liked a challenge in it so it was him vs. us three, we of course won but sometimes he would win!! Yes he's that good. But sadly at the beginning of sixth grade, he broke up with her and it messed with our big group, I had to make a choice... follow my friend that has been there for me since I was a child(K), or my other friend(T).. I sadly chose to follow T( I don't wanna say name so I'm just saying the first letter).. Now while everything with K was happening a drama queen(C) and her bestie (M) got into a fight because M hung out with me and T... now C got really mad that M was hanging out with us. Well long story short M left us and C came and started hanging out with me T and the boy(I'll call him my crush), so now it's summer and C is starting STUPID ANNOYING RUMORS! And I'm p***** because she being super rude to T and all my friends, sadly I don't say anything to her... at our carnival she even tried to get rid of me!>:( So now 7th grade is coming and I don't know, should I tell My Crush my feelings because I try to but I chicken out, he used to lick on me in the lunch line in 6th grade, but we don't text much.. part of me wants to date him but the other part of my doesn't because K got dumped by him! What do I do!?!?:(

Jul 28, 2017

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  • You can always take a chance and let your crush know how you feel. He will either like you back or not, it's just the chance you take. Thankfully, there are other boys that you can have a crush on. And if you do end up dating him, yes unfortunately there's always the possibility that it can end that one of you is dumped. But that's okay. Being dumped doesn't have to be a bad thing. It just means something better is meant for you. I think figuring out your friendships is important to. C sounds like she's not the nicest. Maybe you guys can stop hanging out with her. Where's K in all of this? Do you still meet up? Hope you can mend your friendship. It's okay to be in different groups of friends, or at least it should be. It's hard sometimes to stand up for yourself against mean people. At least it's summer vacation now and maybe you can some fun with people you enjoy hanging out with.

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