Saw my sister in laws b****

The other day i went to pick up my brothers wife. She is 4 years older than me and i have known her since elementary school, she used to babysit me sometimes and has always been hot.
My niece, their only child is three now and was with my brother and she needed a ride to pick up her car, I showed up and she answered the door looking like she had just woke up. she said "sorry, I fell asleep on the couch, Come in i'll be ready in just a minute".
I stepped in and she went down the hall, I went to the kitchen and grabbed a drink and on my way back I looked down the hall. She didn't have her door closed and she had her top off, I was surprised at how nice her t*** looked, They are bigger than i thought and firmer than i thought they would be.
I went to the door and waited and i don't think she knows i seen them.

Jul 28, 2017

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  • This website is going downhill mach ll. Anymore, it's like everyone's diary.

  • Really because he saw his sister in laws b**** you are offended, and he never once said anything about trying anything on her just that she had better b**** than he thought she would.

  • There is s**, relationships or other the best category this fits is friends and family cus they are family in law. But honestly don't f*** with ur brothers girl it will sourer ur relationship with ur whole family.

  • Look, go post your crap in the retarded section if you can't write properly. Last we looked, 'ur' is not a word and has no meaning here fool.

  • Post in the adult section

  • Would this not be considered friends and family? if you are that offended, maybe you should not read this web site.

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