I Let a Stranger Finger Me

At the time, I had been married for a little over 5 years. My husband and I went out one evening. The bar we were at was packed, and I was wearing short black skirts. There were so many people on the dance floor that it was impossible not to rub against people. As usually, a number of guys had 'accidentally' rubbed my ass. This particular night, it had made me a bit h****. We had been dancing and were getting pretty hot so we grabbed a drink and found a spot standing at a high top table along the wall. Even there, space was pretty packed. I was standing facing the table with my hubby on the other side. There was a guy right behind me just standing there watching people dance. When I would lean back a little, my butt cheek would press against his hand. He was a gentleman and would move slightly away. I was still a bit h**** and the alcohol making me feel playful. So one time I leaned back a little further and stayed the so his hand stayed pressed on my ass as a suggestion. He took the hint and turned his palm so the it cupped my butt. My husband on the other side of the table could not see it was dark and my body and the table blocked the view. I swayed a bit to show him I enjoyed it. Then I felt him slide his hand down and between my legs. It took a bit not to jump, but I held a straight face as his hand rubbed my panties. This was the first time I had let a stranger get this frisky with me, but seemed harmless enough so I went with it and enjoyed it. Then I felt him slide a finger under my panties and press the tip into my wet v*****. It happened so quick that I did not even have a chance to think about it. Now I realized I was standing there with my husband getting fingered by another man. A slight feeling of guilt came over, but my body was enjoying the stranger fantasy. I let him stay in me for another 10 minutes or so until my husband wanted to dance some more. I have never told him what happened that night.

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  • My c*** is rock hard right now. lovely story wetkn@outlook.com

  • My neighbor's daughter does,this. I have had my finger in her about 11 times. Want to f*** her. May have to wait til hse turns 13.

  • Nic

  • That’s illegal

  • Hot not hoy

  • That's a hoy story

  • It might be interesting to see what his response would be if you told him about sometime while giving him a handjob or f****** him. I love hearing my wife describe her sexual escapades before we met.

  • Nothing better is there?

  • If your c*** is available I have the fingers

  • If true that is the sexiest story I r ad here

  • I was traveling in a long distance passenger van in 2015,seated in the very back with a young lady. After a few hours drive,she must have gotten h**** and was rubbing her b**** on my side. I tried to ignore her but she nudged me. I ended up fingering her wet p**** for a long time,and gave her a few o******. She gave me a wrong number and I never saw her again.

  • That is f****** sexy

  • Before we got married my wife had to travel regularly in an overnight coach to another town in her country. The journey took 8 hours and I quite often accompanied her. We travelled light, so just a t-shirts and tracksuit bottoms. No underwear, bras etc.
    After the coach set off and was out of the city it was pitch black and you could not see anything we used that cover to have fun with each other. I love whipping her bottom donw to her ankle and the though of my girlfriend being full exposed from the waste down was as hot as it could get. So I usually fingered her to several climaxes and she gave me handjob, space permitting sometimes even a b******.
    We always sat in the last row and this time apart from us there was an old man who I estimated was in his 60ies and he looked smart and despite his age very fit. As usual once we were beyond the citiy limits I exposed my wife's bum and spread her legs and started fingering her. But this time I had put myself in an uncomfortable position so I briefly removed my hand and hard working fingers, moved into a more comfortable position and wanted to move my hand back in between my h**** girlfriend's legs and continue my labour of love. But I enountered my place had been taken by another hand which wasn't mine. My future had not noticed and continued to indulge in the pleaseant sensations that the fingers in her p**** and on her c*** created and soon she had her first climax, the expert hand eased of and sensing the moment and with perfect timing continued.

    I did not say or do anything. I was as h**** as anything and just sat there with my c*** in hand and observed how my girlfriend was pleasured by the mature felloy passenger and reached one climax after the other.

    I just became the assisting helper, pulled her legs up and over the front seat headrest and so enabled our intrusive mature neighbour full access and sure enough I heard the tell tell sound of two fingers working my girlfriend's hole ...

  • ... our mature neighbour worked the G-spot and was greeting and rewarded with an overflowing and gushing p****. He also worked a finger up my girlf friend's a*** and she was beyond caring and did not even notice that the h**** hand turned into 2 h**** hands and came from the other side of where I was sitting.

    After a continuous assault of more than an hour my wife was spent after haing so many multiples intesense o****** and was completely spent and pleaded with me to stop and excused herself for being to tired and not being able to reciprocate the pleasure.

    She went to sleep in my lap but I left her tracksuit bottom down by her ankles as I just loved the thought of my wife being so exposed publicly without anybody noticing. My kick was that I imagined that it could have been possible.

    In the middle of the night I had to answer my call of nature and climbed over the seat to get into the gangway and down to the toiled. I was probably gone for 30 minutes, when I came back my wife was in the same position. I climbed back into my seat and patted the naked bum of my wife.

    During the night a covered her up again and in the morning I woke up to her lips sucking on the tip of my d***. Great sensation and before too long I was shooting my load.

    I smiled at her as she licked her lips to get all of my juices into her mouth. I thanked her and she said, "That was the least I could do after the p**** rub you gave me last night and then you gave me a royal f****** on top.

    I was about to say that she was mistaken when I noticed in the first rays of light that our mature neighbour was smiling and nodding his head at me. Then I knew that he had used the opportunity of my short absence to enjoy my girl friends bareness and had not been able to resist the provication of the available p**** of a young girl and had certainly enjoyed this to the full and shot his load into my girlfriends unprotected womb.

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