I told my wife that a dom guy offered to turn her into "his" s***

I told my wife that a dom guy had offered to turn her into "his" s***.
Did she want this?
Well, she lay there and listened to the proposition and didn't say a word.
Did she get ever get wet! F*** yeah
He said if he could ever "touch her" she would be his "s***" forever.
I wasn’t sure about that. But, I was crazy curious what he would do?
He wouldn’t say.
He had pics and vids and himself with about a dozen different women on his profile that he claimed he had conquered.
I watched every video!
But, I never saw what he did during the initiation to seduce the women; only the outcome, which showed the women sucking his hug fat c*** and swallowing his load of c**.
She always gets wet in bed with the two of us and when she feels my c*** she will want more.
But, this dom guy was really “c***” sure he could get to her to suck his c*** and swallow his c**; even if she was reluctant at first.
He cautioned me, though. And it sounded very sincere.

You might be out once I use her as my s***…..
He said he would totally use her body and she would never be the same after that.
I felt from her reactions to his proposition that she was coming around.
I told her he would use her as a f*** toy and share her with his friends.
Mmmm, I thought that sounded HOT, too! Then he added there wouldn’t be much left for me.........
I want her to enjoy s** but I’m not sure I want him to take her over?
Then, he said I would keep her and she could be my wife, but that he would come over and take her home with him to f*** her and even bring his friends over to our house to f*** her anytime he wanted.
I’m not so sure that would be good?
Well, it got me thinking for sure. But, it also made my c*** get hard as a rock.
But, she might not have anything for me, if he takes over.
So right, that's why I couldn't understand why it titillated me so much?!?!?!?!
He even asked me at one point if my c*** was hard thinking about it and I was embarrassed to admit it was.
Ya, I'm sure at first it would be a huge turn on for me, but had to think what if the Dom cut me maybe out?
He's was for sure not thinking of including me and he said as much, too.......

Anyway, I told my wife about his proposition.
To see how she'd react........ How did she react?
She lay there and didn't say a word or argue with me like she usually does when I tell her about a crazy sounding propositions for s** that I get from these websites.
How did she react?
I was fingering her p**** as I told her about what the dom guy had proposed and my wife gradually got very wet and was squeezing the pre c** out of my c***.
Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Yeah!
I kept thinking this pushy dom’s proposition would cause her to flip out, but she didn't and just started moaning and moving her hips around up against my finger in her now sloppy wet p****.
I had other offers involving a guy coming to our house, getting nude early morning, stroking with me, maybe even stroking and sucking me and then together slipping into the bed room.
My job would be to slide in massage her and start getting her wet.
Then as I whisper in her ear a sexy story and she gets wetter the other guy would slip into bed behind my wife and place her hand on his big hard c***; making her take it in her p**** before she could stop him. From there the two of us would f*** her wet puss and take turns in her p**** and mouth.
That had always seemed pretty forceful. But………

This dom guy basically would force himself on my wife from the start, playing out his multi-step seduction strategy that worked every time and by the end of the first session he would force my wife to suck his c*** and swallow his c**; sealing her fate as his s***.
He didn't say how he would get that done, but he said he'd never failed to get a woman to suck his c*** and swallow his c**; even if she had never done that for her husband.
No, he didn’t use drugs. Hmmmmmmmmmm... That would not work because later she wouldn't be his s*** unless she remembered that she had totally submitted.
That seemed to be the whole point of that first sucking and swallowing session; to totally crush the woman’s will to resist and cause her to give up and give in to his dominance......
Mmmmmmmmmmmmm….. Maybe tough to imagine.
To prove his point, he related how one recent couple came to him... The husband wanted his prudish wife to be more sexy and sent her to him. He said he broke her the first night as planned and by the third night was f****** her and c****** in her p**** over and over while she was tied to the bed.
He even had before and after pictures of her; amazing the transformation.
She was a Sunday School Teacher before he got her to suck his c*** and swallow his c**.
That be hard to believe. But in the first photo she was in a nice dress smiling and looking sweet.
In the next she looked like a street walker.
Then, he had action photos and videos of this submissive woman sucking his big c*** and him c****** in her mouth...
The photos and videos ended with her tied to a bed and blindfolded with him c****** in her p**** over and over. Did I forget to mention he had a huge c*** and was a multi-c*****?????????
Be careful, I’m thinking.
And the f****** videos showed him alternating his c*** with f****** her with huge d***** that he had laid out like torture tools on the bed.
He called that final session, "wrecking her p****."

So, that one night when we were in bed making love I told my wife all this!!!!!!
Her p**** had gotten so wet I couldn't believe it!!!!!!!
I wondered to myself, so does my wife want to be dominated?????
F*** I don't know but it for sure turned her on and I was going to get the most out of that!!!!!
As I got near the end of the story where the dom force f***** the man’s wife the first time with his huge c*** and came in her several times, I stopped fingering my wife to keep her from having an o***** and she screamed in disappointment. But I wanted to control the moment.
I rolled her onto her back and shoved my c*** into her slippery VERY aroused p****, started f****** her deep all while starting again to finger her c***.
As I whispered the outcome of the story to my wife, she had a massive violent o***** with my c*** in her p**** screaming and kicking and flailing all about on the bed.
Then, she begged me to c** in her p****, to which I quickly complied; filling her to the point of spilling out on the sheets.

So, what was the outcome of the story that pushed my bride over the line into an incredible orgasmic fit????
When he got his wife back, the husband was so shocked by his wife’s sexual transformation and her constant behavior with her new master dominant male that he couldn’t take it and soon moved out; leaving his wife for the dominant man and anyone else he chose to bring to f*** her. She was then free to enjoy her dome male five to six times a week and a session with multiple men that her dom would bring to her at least once a week.


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  • My wife is my s*** and we love it that way she takes every c*** i bring her

  • There's something very erotic about watching your wife act out as a S*** slave to someone. Also seeing her do things you never dreamed she would do

  • Keep it a story, don't do it

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