Roommate's Panties

For a number of years, I've had the luxury of living with some fairly attractive female roommates. The biggest perk that came with these arrangements was having constant access to their panties.

One of these roommate's was an attractive 29 yr old brunette. She was a very active chick, so she would get up super early in the morning to run before heading off to work. Since I started work a bit later than she did, I always had time to raid her hamper before heading off to work myself. Since she generally ran in the morning, showered, and then headed off to work, I pretty much had access to her fresh thongs everyday. She surprisingly never seemed to have a scent, but she generally had a fair amount of slimy to sticky white discharge that tasted sour.

Another memorable roommate was a fairly attractive 26 yr old blond girl. She always showered at night, and the nice thing about her room was that it was adjacent to my room, so I could always hear when her shower turned on. This was my cue to very carefully and slowly open the door to her room to not make any noise and raid her hamper, which sat outside her bathroom door and was perfect since she closed her bathroom door when showering. Not sure why she never wore thongs (more of a lacy/cotton panties girl), but her v***** had a distinct smell...slightly dirty with a subtly tangy undertone, and the taste was generally salty and slightly sour.

My last memorable experience was actually from a friend of a female roommate. This female roommate wasn't particularly attractive, but her friend that visited and stayed with us for about 3 days was one of the hottest girls ever! Tall, pale, brunette that had a lot of model-like features. I remember when she got into town, the first thing that she did was leave with my female roommate to go get dinner. This gave me the opportunity to go through her suitcase, and to my surprise, it turned out that our apartment was the last leg of a longer trip that she had started about 4 days before staying with us. I ended up finding several dirty thongs in her suitcase, but the black one was by far my didn't have a smell, but there was a small white stain that was probably the most tart v***** I've ever tasted in my life. Interestingly, I was able to gain access to a fresh thong that she took off her last night at our place, and her taste change from very sour to just salty. Sadly, didn't have much of a smell either, but her juices were literally a thick stretchy slime that I could peel off the crotch.

Aug 13, 2017

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  • You belong in prison dude. Wtf. 😭

  • Love the descriptions! My experiences were (tasted πŸ˜‰) similar

  • I hate it when anyone says not to judge. We would literally be worse than animals if we didn't judge each other.

  • I love dirty knickers. they ALWAYS get me hard and wet. hmmmm

  • I love worn panties. 11 to college age.

  • If I was there

  • I like the smell of a p**** as much as anyone, but you're tasting the discharge? Gross.

  • Nothing wrong with that at all!
    No different to eating p****.
    Keep on licking brother!!!

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