I want to be raped.....

I'm 13 years old. I've never been raped before. But I want it to happen to me. (An older white male. Not old. Like 35 or younger.) I come from a loving home. Single mom. I love my family dearly and they love me. I don't know where this Desire came from. I just love the thought of someone l****** over me. Any suggestions??

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  • No i was raped b4 it hurts

  • Are you female? ... I say go for it

  • I could not get a bf I could not even get raped. I am so unatractive

  • I will help you out.

  • Where you live

  • B**** you f***** up.

  • So, for both of you, 13 year old and 11 year old:

    Rape fantasies are often borne out of a desire to experience the forbidden, without having the responsibility. Real rape is never fun. In fact it's more related to anger and violence than s**. Fantasy rape with a loving partner, who is mature and respects and know your limits in advance is one thing. He has is way with you and takes you... like role-playing. I can see that.
    But actual rape, I mean real rape is degrading, defiling, and vicious.
    It's evil. Keep yourself safe from that.

    I myself was raped at age 15. It was probably the worst experience of my life. And guess what? In spite of the fact the he was in his 40s and I was barely 15, I was the one who felt bad. Guilty, Depressed. I was too embarrassed to ever admit it at the time, so he was able to keep coming around and trying to do a repeat again and again. I made sure I was never alone with him after the rape.

    S** is wonderful and fun. But it's also a sacred thing and tied to you as a person, an individual human being with a soul. You have worth and value.
    Treat yourself with value and respect. I would advise both of you to wait for s**. 13 is very young. So is 11. too young for me.

    But, of course, neither of you are me. You belong to yourself. And, of course, your sexual feelings are real and validate. And normal. But I would still encourage you to wait a few years. Real s** is not p***.

    M*********. experiment. But maybe wait. Get in touch with your feelings. Try to understand why you feel these desires. Feelings are not bad. There is a reason for the feelings that you feel. It's utterly normal. You are not alone. Trust me.

    And fantasize. M*********. Experiment. And maybe wait a few years, before you act on a desire that may turn out to be something you regret.

    Love and Hugs x

  • Good advice, but you're advising a troll my friends.

  • GFY, paedophile!

  • Me too but I'm 11

  • Two thoughts: you're not actually 13 years old... and you're a sick f***.

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