I've never told anyone my first a***

My husband doesn't understand why I love a*** s**. Previous boyfriends were always so happy to find that I love it and they loved it back. My husband likes it but not as much or as often as I do. It's weird I guess that I love it, it always satisfies me fully because it makes me feel so dirty. My husband didn't want to have a***, he wanted vaginal and I begged him while he was in me to put it in my butt but he said no and it made me frustrated.
I told him to finger it at least and he did for a minute then said no, he wanted my v*****. He's been avoiding a*** for a while now. He asked why do you want it in your butt so much, don't you like vaginal intercourse? I said I did like it but a*** makes feel hotter and that takes me over the edge, he asked why and said I didn't know. But I do know.
It got me thinking back to when I was 17. I started having s** three years earlier and other boys had tried a*** with me but could not get it in and it hurt when they tried. That thanksgiving we went to my aunt and uncles house. My aunt had married a man with a son my age and we got along really great, he was 19 at the time. We had hung out together socially and he knew me and my friends. He went to college and I was still in high school. The adults were all downstairs and me and my new cousin went upstairs to watch tv. We started talking about girls and guys and s**. He said he thought I was pretty and if he weren't my cousin he'd ask me out, and I said would go out with him if he weren't my cousin. He kissed me and we made out on the sofa in the upstairs tv room while adults were all downstairs. He had his hand under my dress and started fingering me and slid one into my bottom. Then I gave him oral and then he got on top of me and we were having s** without a condom. I said he had to stop because I wasn't on birth control and was afraid to get pregnant. I offered to finish him off orally but he said we could do a***. I said you can try but no one has been able to get it in. He said it's alright that he could and he went to his room and came back with some KY which I had never even seen before. He fingered my bottom and it hurt but felt good.
Someone started coming up the stairs and we rushed to put my dress down and he put a blanket over his opened pants and we watched tv nervously. The adult left after a few minutes of awkward visiting. When they left I didn't want to continue but he kissed me and started fingering me again and it felt so strange to me. I said alright but told him to hurry up and I bent over the arm of the sofa and he lifted my dress and slid into my butt. It hurt so much but felt so hot. He finished in my butt quickly and I went to the bathroom to clean up. I felt like I had to poo but I didn't it was just his come.
After that we sat closely and kissed a bit more and fondled each other but no more s** that day. We did hook up for at least a year more secretly and he'd always want a*** and I almost always gave in. After him every guy has had me anally and I've always liked how it reminds me of how naughty it is for me. It's the ultimate taboo dirty s** that I've ever had, and that mixed with the pain and loss of control send me over the edge. How can I explain this to my hubby? My husband has met my cousin several times over the years and he doesn't know.

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  • A*** can be amazing. both to the giver and the getter. xx

  • You sound like a great wife, keep up the good work. All wives should like a***..be a happy world

  • My husband is a gentleman and is always loving, a couple of months ago he went out drinking this is unusual. He came home drunk and ripped my nighty off and f*** me roughly, including a***.
    I loved it and now encourage him to go out and wait in anticipation to be taken anyway he wants.

  • Good girl!! xx

  • I was married to a woman for like 18 years. She would do everything sexually so we didn't have exactly your problem. What I am adding tho is that sometimes her ass would get a bit messy. I could smell it a bit after ramming her butt hard sometimes. It was a bit of a turn off and eventually led to divorce for me. That might seem shallow but before her I was with hundreds of women, mostly without this problem. Since our divorce, I've been with hundreds more and can't think of 1 instance where that's been a problem either so it was a big deal to me as I'm a total w****. Been that way since my teenage years. Not saying you might stink. Just saying that I doubt my ex wife knew about her problem. So perhaps...

  • This never came up before you got married?

  • I've never tried a***, because I've never wanted to. It's not my preference. But each to their own.

    Probably don't tell your husband about your cousin. However, you've already told him why you love a*** s** alot, so he should accept those reasons and not ask anymore questions regarding it. And you should accept, he doesn't like a*** s** as much as you. I believe compromises in a relationship. But I don't believe in, pressuring your partner to do something, they don't particularly enjoy. His preferences are his own, just like yours are your own. Remember that. Not everyone enjoys a*** s**.

  • I to am obsessed with a*** s** for similar reasons to yourself, I think I enjoy the tabbo nature of it and the fact it's dirty / naughty and considered a bit wrong. My ex girlfriend was really into it and was happy to have it everyday, I was so lucky to date her. I think your husband is a lucky man.

  • My bf watches a*** p*** but whenever I mention doing it during s** he has never does it. Not sure I really want him to but in the moment I say it. Anyone know why he doesn't go for it? I only know because sometimes we watch it together and I saw it come up in the history. I could ask him but don't want to be annoying about it. My ex said guys hate when you question their p***.

  • I love this woman!

  • Maybe he's afraid that if he gets in too deep you will end up with brain damage.

  • First of all I wouldn't tell your husband about your cousin. If he can't get his mind around a*** he's not going to be able to grasp the fact that you f***** your cousin.... anally.
    Secondly, I think most men here are jealous of your husband. I think also that most men here are reading these for a reason. That they want more from their significant others sexually and have stumbled upon this website.

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