Watched my wife having s** before we married

When I met my wife we were 20, she lived at her parents house and I lived on campus. When we met I knew she had been around, I didn't mind, she was really good at s** compared to the other girls I had before. She gave good oral, did a***, and could ride me like I ever had before.
One night I called her and she didn't answer. We weren't exclusively dating, we both were still hooking up with other people at the time. I knew of at least two guys she was still s*******, but she spent most of her time with me and I spent some nights with other girls too. I called her and she didn't answer, so I drove to her house late at night for some s** as usual. I'd tap on her window and she'd let me in and we'd havensex and I'd leave early in the morning before her parents woke up. I saw her window light was on and I walked quietly over and when I walked closer I could hear music coming from her room, not loud, as I got closer I saw the window was open by the shades were closed and music was playing. I lifted a blind to peek in and there she was getting boned by another guy. He was on top of her missionary. I watched through the blinds until he finished. They laid naked together for a while kissing and holding each other. I walked toward my car and sat in it wondering if he'd leave or spend the night like I usually did. After a while he came from around the side of the house and took off walking down the street right past where I was parked. I didn't recognize him.
I was full of jealousy. I wanted to kick his ass and I wanted to do my girlfriend at the same time.
I walked up to her window about ten minutes later and the window was closed and the lights were dim, I knocked on her window and she quickly came to check. She opened the blinds and window and let me in and closed the blinds. She put on music and I started grabbing her and feeling her up, I nearly ripped her clothes off of her and put her on the bed and had rough s** with her. She felt different, obviously wetter and just different since she had just been worked over by another guy. But she didn't mind, she kept asking for it harder and faster, and she said no one does me like you do. That turned me on so much. With just saliva I lined her behind and jammed it in and went rough. She begged for harder.
I married her. She's the best I've ever had and she turns me on so damn much. I've watched her have s** with three other guys. One was an old friend, another was a waiter, and another a guy we met on vacation. It turns me on to watch her.
My friend got lucky, he came to visit and I talked her into giving him a bj late at night shortly after we married. She blew him while I went in from behind. Every time he came to visit, which became frequent he'd get at least a bj. He had s** with her as well, and she loved being taken by both of us at the same time or sometimes one after another. The waiter got lucky, my wife forgot her purse at the restaurant and he came running out to the parking lot across the street to bring it to her. I told her to show him her thanks and let him feel her up
And she went down on him and he had s** with her right there in the parking lot bent down in the back seat of my car. The vacation guy got lucky, my wife and I were in the bar,
Started talking to the guy, the bar closed we invited him for a drink in our room, got my wife naked and he did her while she blew me.
She doesn't know that I watched her and the guy through the blinds. It's what made me have this crazy fetish for her.


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  • I would love to hear more

  • I wish I could watch my fiancée let another man take her virginity. It's my greatest fantasy!

  • I will let you watch me f*** her

  • F*** her virgin c***, so that you can take my chance to have it forever. Tell me how tight her virgin c*** squeezes your c***! You will be the first man to c** in her. Make me extremely jealous and humiliated!

    I truly want this to happen.

  • Yeah other guys enjoy what you have, but you have the ultimate wife and hotwife, so you get the best f*** ever, and let others sample the best.

  • Cuck

  • I fee


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