I'm taking care of my nieces b****** child

My niece is an unattractive red head who had a baby with a married black man. She is a doper and the black man's family doesn't want the baby so in order to keep this child out of child care I took her in.

If you are curious as to what a mixed race child looks like I'll tell you. She much prettier than her mother with dark brown curly-ish hair with dusky dark skin and light brown eyes. The girl looks more black than white.

She's 15 and if her mother wants her back that's tough. She's our kid now and after she graduates high school my wife and I plan to send her to college.

The child has an identity problem and it's not her fault. She's the light of our lives and I'm proud to be able to care for her.

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  • Black dad (not there #standard)
    Redhead mum

    Does she look like a Duracell Battery?

  • Does she smell like a black person? Or is she more white with a nice smell?

  • Haha😅 I love you man!!!

  • You sound like a great parent and person.

  • Nope. Describing her features in that manner, fetishizing a minor in his care, talking about her as though he owns her... if that makes him a great parent and person, I am seriously scared for humanity. Seriously.

  • I describe her as pretty because I love her. While I don't own her she is my financial responsibility. I'm sure she will want to go to a college and live in a dorm with other students and when she graduates she'll get a job and probably move away from home.

    Sorry if I came on too strong. I adore this child.

  • Yes, we know. Because you keep posting 'confession' after 'confession' about her.

    You judge her and her parentage, but you 'adore' her. And yes, you do think you 'own' her on some level.

  • "Fetishizing"? "Seriously"? You need to examine your own perspective. You're a perverted pedophile.

  • Creepy.

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