I am 16 and I am planning on killing myself

I am so f****** tired of living a double life, I am sick of faking being happy when all I can think about is how much I want to end it all.
there is no future for me, I suck a school and I'm not good at socializing, all I do is isolate myself. I cannot talk to parents because they both have a short fuse and end up scolding me for being sad.
I don't feel like I have anything left to live for, I don't know whats wrong with me. I'm numb.
I want to love myself but I lock myself in the bathroom and cut my thighs, scrape my knuckles, choke myself and starve myself.

I plan on killing myself by jumping from a bridge, around winter time

I want to control something in my life

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  • Will you please respond too this post baby girl. Im just after reading your post and im a mom and have few kids and one daughter close too your age baby girl. Your story broke my heart sweetheart and im crying for you baby girl. Im sending you my love and wrap my arms around you now baby girl and hold you and rock you till you fall assleep in my arms sweetheart. Love from mommy and please message back. Your amazeing and beautifull and are worth liveing my baby girl. Huggs and xxxxxxx from your mommy here angel girl...

  • No fairy tail god will help you at all gods are for the weak,gods are for people scared of unknown.your 16 yes life sucks im in 40s life still sucks .go to thailand travel see the world you see people have nothing but happy as.go find happy people they make you happy,dont turn to religion even buddists dont belive in gods.its only life dont worry about it,because in the end it all means nothing.

  • Wait for me.

  • No. You're not worth waiting for.

  • When i was 16 my life was not easy. My dad was a drinker, he could be violent, my mom worked all the time and when she was home, she was verbally abusive. But darling, life does get better, it doesn't always stay the same. I was like you, until someone told me that I am not a tree, I do not have to remain in the same spot. True words and it helped. I wasn't a tree, I moved from the spot I was in. Life can be so complicated, but at times we make it worse than what it has to be. Let yourself grow into what you want to be, who you want to be. People who tell you that you can't, are the ones who are miserable and want you to be the same. Don't listen. When you do break free, give yourself the time to just breathe and know that you are in control, no one else.

  • You're not a tree. A weed maybe.

  • Sweetie, you might not know this but you come with a lifetime warranty, you just need to see the manufacturer - he's called God.

    If you're head's in the doldrums it isn't always easy but worth the effort. He loves what He's made and wants it to work perfectly. 3 ways to find Him - prayer, bible and church. The last bit is the hardest, sometimes you need to go round a dozen or more before you find the one that's just right for you. You'll meet there people who genuinely care and will want to help you get through what sounds like a difficult situation what with parents etc. They'll show you how to get a totally brand new start again.

    If you can get a bible read Matthew 5, called Sermon on the mount. It sets out how we and God should help those who find life difficult in various situations.

    Hope and pray you find the life you deserve. God bless xx

  • I felt the same way too when I was 16 and I am still alive to this very day. I tried everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. Enjoy life, or try to. Your only 16 - it gets better for some people.

  • Ending your life is not controlling your life, that's totally the opposite.

    You need to relax, you're 16, you're a bit awkward and hormones are out of control at that age. Let thing's settle over the next few years and you'll have reasons to be happy. Talk to professional.

  • If you don't want yourself can I have you?

  • Control your thoights

  • No one can control their thoughts.

  • Not true. It does take some effort, and practice, but they are OUR thoughts, and we can control them........and we should.

  • I disagree respectively. But I liked your individual opinion :)

  • Been there, and it's horrible. Without support it feels impossible to fight, doesn't it? First off, you have to understand that when you are in the throes of depression you cannot think of your depression objectively. You need to ease it a bit by distracting yourself with goal driven action. Start with small things, accomplish it, then move on to the next. You'll notice yourself feeling better, and when you do re-examine your feelings and then reach out to a community outreach for at risk youth.

  • My kid went through the same thing at your age... it is several years later and he's healthy, happy, and successful... it took a while to start seeing progress, there are lots of possible causes - figuring it out and finding the right treatment can take some time. talk to a teacher or councilor if your parents don't understand - get the help you need so you don't have to go through this alone

  • I am 44 and feel the same way. can't find man or job or friends and god has abused me too many times.

  • I can give you a job that pays great money - that in turn will increase your self-esteem and confidence, which will in turn help you find a man.

  • Sure ^^^^^

  • Don't put stress on others on here saying all this private stuff. go to the right places for help like your doctor for a referal to see a therapist

  • To the poster 'Don't put stress on others' - It's called 'confession post', not 'please you post'. Best wishes and strength to the OP.

  • Well said.

  • Life is short as it is you have much more to gain by living it out especially if youre already at rock bottom i mean seriously youre only 16

  • Hope for things to get better. Suicide isn't the answer.

  • Please talk to a professional before you make any decision or take any step in planning. If you can't talk to your parents, find a therapist or counselor. Please.

  • Just do it. Don't try to gain others' attention and sympathy.

  • Whatever you do, please do NOT listen to ^this^ non-human.

  • I agree

  • Everyone's life isn't worthless. To commit suicide is wasting a life that's full of potential, opportunities, experiences and so on. Some people don't have a choice in whether they live or die, that choice has been taken away from them. So someone like yourself and many others, have a choice to live. So f****** live! When you're 16 you're still developing emotionally and psychologically, you're a child going through puberty. Sometimes during these adolescent stages, life seems much worse than what it is. However, it depends on each individual circumstances, so my opinion doesn't account for everyone's circumstances.

    Discuss your feelings with trusted friend's, family, teacher or/and a school counsellor. Don't suffer in silence and give up so easily, without even trying to find constructive solutions. Death is final, you only have one life so live it, the best way you can. You didn't have a choice to born into this world, but you have a choice in how you live your life.

  • Well if you wait things will get better if you kill yourself it's all over. Goodbye, everything. Don't kill yourself. At least try to get help.

  • A lot of people are sad dear. Please don't harm yourself. You will someday know love and happiness. Being great at school is not the most important thing. We all learn at different paces. Maybe you'll catch up later or gradually. Please remember you are here to show love to others who need it.

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