Caught Stealing my friends moms Panties

I am not a total perv. I don't make a life out of stealing panties. However, one day, I was over at my friends house. I was waiting for him to get home from school. His mom and I were the only ones there. I was about 17 at the time. They lived in a small house so there's only 2 bathrooms. One is his and the others is hers. I asked her could I use the bathroom. She said of course and that I could use hers if I'd like. I guess just to keep from walking to the other end of the house. Well as I walk in the bathroom and shut the door, my mouth just dropped. She had just gotten out of the shower and her panties were laying on the floor along with her 34 b bra. So just as any guy would do, I picked up the panties and started to smell them. Oh my goodness, her p**** hardly had a scent to it but the scent it did have was so good. Right then and there, I instantly wanted more from my friends mom. I didn't j******* or anything with the panties or even try to take them. I just put them back on the floor. Well I walk back out to the living room and sit down. Soon as I walk out, she walks back into her bathroom. I guess to see if I took them or something. Seeing that I didn't, she came back in the living room and instantly becme some what flirty with me. She was "cleaning" the house and bending over tremendously so I could see her beautiful butt. I could see her panties every time she bent over and I wanted that pair. Nothing really happens the rest of that day. Well a couple of weeks later, I go over to hang out with my friend. He's not there again and his mom says he won't be home until Friday. (It was Wednesday). So I started to walk out the door and she stopped me. She said that she needed to go to the grocery store and wanted to know if I would go to help load the heavy stuff up. Well of course I went with her. We get the shopping done and come back. As I'm helping bring the groceries in, someone pulls up and starts talking to her. As they are talking, I finish bringing the groceries in. I'm waiting on the couch for her to come back in for at least 5 minutes. I look out the window and they're still talking. So I thought this would be my perfect chance to find the "panties drawer". I go into her room and boom, the first drawer I open, I hit the jack pot. Bras, panties, thongs, g strings, sexy sexy uniforms and anything you could think of was in that drawer. I started looking around and took a pair or two of panties but couldn't find the ones she was wearing when she kept bending over in front of me. So there could only be a couple other places the panties could be. In the dirty clothes or on her. So I went to the laundry room to find them but never could. Suddenly I hear the truck crank up and hear her coming up the stairs. So I take off running back to the living room. She walks in and comes straight to where I am. I'm breathing so heavy. She asks me why I'm breathing heavy too. I just played it off and said I have heart problems and it makes me this way sometimes. She said well come into the kitchen and ill get you some iced cold tea. I went and sat at the kitchen table. Little did I know, the panties I took fell out of my pocket and onto the couch. A few minutes pass and she spotted them. She went and sat down on the couch and acted very strange from then on. She finally pulled them out from under her and asked why were they in there. I told her that I had no idea. She knew I was lying to her. She asked if I took anymore. I told her I didn't take any to begin with. She asked me could she search me. I said no, that's weird. She said I do it or the cops. I knew I was screwed then. So I went ahead and pulled out the panties. I told her how I saw her panties from before. I told her how bad it made me want her. She just laughed at me. I felt so small and worthless. Out of no where, she says if you want a pair of my panties, just ask me. C'mon, I'll let you pick out a pair. That way you can j******* or whatever you're gonna do to them. I was in total shock. I couldn't believe what she said. So she's standing there with me as I go thru her panties drawer. I told her that i couldn't find the ones that she was wearing when she was "cleaning" the house the other day. She laughed and said, you mean these? She started to pull her dress or whatever she had on down. My eyes were big around as quarters. She was wearing the panties I wanted. I said yes! Those are the ones. She smiled and pulled her dress up and said, sorry hun. You can't have these unless you pull them down with your teeth and your teeth only. My heart was racing. I thought I was dreaming. She got on her bed and completely took off the dress. She said if you want them, come get them. I was so scared someone would catch me of us doing that. I started to walk away but didn't. I turned around and she had the panties pulled to the side so she could play with her p****. I immediately went on the bed and pulled them down with my teeth. I got them off and stuffed them in my pocket and started to get up. She said no sir, that's not all. You've got to do better than that. She pulled my head down right onto her p****. I started to eat her out right then and there! I swear I ate her out for at least 30-45 minutes. Her p**** was shaved, clean, wet, and tight! I would slip a finger in every once in a while. Finally, she let out this loud scream. I gave her a o***** and that just turned her on. She threw me back on the bed and pulled my d*** out. She gave me the best b******* I've ever had in my life!!!! She sucked me off for at least 10-15 minutes. I was just about to c** and she stopped. She looked at me and said, you aren't "releasing" until you stick it in me. At this point, my heart is about to come out of my chest. She gets on top of me and slowly slides my d*** into her p****. It felt so good. So warm, wet, and so tight. It barely fit in and she's in her 30's!!! She starts riding me hard. We did it for about a hour. Mainly doggy style. I was just about to c** when she said don't c** in me, com on my mouth. So I pulled out and did just that. It was by far the best s** I've ever had. I'm in my 20's now so I've had plenty of others along the way. My friend never found out about this and I hope he never will. His mom will call from time to time. Wanting to know if I want to come over still. (My friend moved to another state). All that happened almost 7-8 years ago. Since that day, we've had s** I couldn't tell you how many times but none of our experiences has ever been like that first one. And by the way, I still have those panties I took off with my teeth.

Aug 23, 2017

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  • New years a few years ago, my now ex wife and I went to neighbors house. We were super wasted. She had on loose dress. I showed one guy her panties by lifting dress. Then she showed a wife my d***, but I had on her panties. She laughed and said wow. Show her, so I pulled down my pants and turned all the way around. The wife said wow that is hot, She then told her that we both just wear panties around house. She laughed and said I do that too and my husband does not care. We then had afterparty at our house. Entry fee, must be wearing only panties. two husband and wives showed up, one husband stole his wives and left to come over. One wife said she left in her panties only he would not go. She said I am going to get f***** if you will not do me. He said no. everyone f***** everyone. It was crazy. we had a m*********** circle. we all had to tell a secret story. I told of putting on wifes panties, pulling back blanket, and jerking off looking at her.

  • My aunt lived with us and I admired her a lot due to her curvy bum. Before going to the toilet, she took off her panties. I always noted her moves and picked the panty from her room to sniff her musky scent. After sniffing fir some time I tend to the gusset. She must have noted the wetness and kept changing positions. I miss it in my adulthood

  • Same i love my aunts ass and also my moms they just have a lovely smell

  • I'm a 60 year old man and recently my 21 year old granddaughter came to visit me and my wife. Well I needed something from the spare bedroom where she was staying and her dirty clothes were thrown everywhere and I spotted a freshly worn thong. It made me curious as to how she smelled so I picked it up and sniffed at the wet spot. I was instantly hard and took them to my bathroom to jerkoff while smelling them. I'm such a perv I decided to keep them. She left a few days ago I can't help but wonder if she'll miss them and how her sweet young p**** would taste.

  • When i was 14 i stealed many panties
    And Onefucking day i got caught by villagers

  • Bruh you call them villagers

  • I actually did do it. They were raspberry colored and the middle was clearly dirty. They were inside her jeans.
    I pulled them out, turnt them inside out, and began to sniff the dirty white part in the middle.
    It was like getting high. Wanted to take them, not stupid enough to do that. I hurried up and put them back as best I could.

  • Totally had me until the part about you picking out a pair.

  • Cmon m8 even a fusking criple 60yr old grandpa with erectile dissfunction wouldn'T last that long

  • Easily, when I lost my virginity at 15 to a 17 year old I was so nervous I didn’t c** for like and hour and a half, even with her on top doing all the work for half of it

  • ...probably because I was stoned as f*** but

  • Too many details. A nice fantasy, but never happened. Sorry to burst your bubble!

  • Haha fake and gay indeed!

  • Not fake, probably true. I used to wear wifes all the time. when she would catch me, I would sit there in them. she would call me gay, say she stopped wearing panties it was my fault. she once stripped naked and said you still want this... I said yes I love your p****, I got up walked over sat in front of her in her panties. I started rubbing her c*** with one hand and rubbing my d*** with other.
    ON trip to costa rica with her sister, we all only wore panties in the room. by her orders. It always changed. I have so many panty stories all true.
    I remember every detail.

  • Fake and gay.

  • Wow if it was true..... ate her for 30-45 min, and sucked you for 10-15 min come on brother there's not a guy alive that age that would have lasted that long. I and every guy out there would have blew there load immediately, so nice try stud. Absolutely BullShit.

  • Yep definitely bs

  • I'm guessing you're a lonely 20yr old virgin. What's bullshit story.

  • If I was making that up, I sure as h*** wouldn't make it that long. #r*****

  • Yeah you would, got carried away typing and wanking off at the same time. #totalbullshitstorybecauseyouwantosoundcool

  • Oh, here we f****** go with the panties again. Enough!! ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!

  • Please learn to use paragraphs. Lordy.

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