Cousin who is a girl finishes me

My cousin is a 5"10 girl and she's 17, I don't see her a lot but I did a week ago, and she might me remember it. I'm 14 btw, 5"7. So she wanted to buy some boots, and idk how but she knew I had quite a lot of money in my bank account, like a few grand. Anyways long story short she ordered me to buy them, I refused and after a bit of arguing she started fighting me. After the first few punches I didn't know whether I should hit back because she's a girl, and i would only have a chance of beating her if I went all out. If I held back even a little she would destroy me. She was stronger, and I was too slow to think of what to do. I was already knocked to the floor, and she dragged me into her room, locked the door, got up on top of me and pounded my face over and over. She got up and delivered a few final kicks to my face and d***. She spat on me a few times and then took my card and paid for the £200 boots online. I couldn't see for two days because of how swelled up my eye was. I told my parents she accidentally elbowed me. Now I know my cousin is full of utter strength, power, anger, and hungriness for money. I got f***** up by a girl tho, I'm actually such a p****. I can't believe it



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  • This is why people shoot up their schools. Little Miss Queen Bee here needs some ordnance between the eyes. The world would be a better place afterwards.

  • One day when the opportunity arises make her p**** feel/look like your face and d*** felt. Payback is a b****!

  • Tell your parents. Im a father off three kids two boys and a girl ages between ten and fourteen. Our daughter is in the middle at almost twelve and we have raised our kids never to bully. Our boys are in boxing from early age and other sports as is our daighter. But know never to use it out side ring. But our daughter for last six months had got in with wrong crowd and was become a bully in and outside school also and was get bad grades and came home with smell of smoke and alchahol last night and after several warnings we had enoufgh and my wife and I have not spanked her in almost three months and as she went to answer my wife back I landed a dozen hand spanks to her skirted bum and knew she was shocked and went to raise her hand and say something and that was it. My wife grabbed her and with some struggles and little attitude she was bare as day she came into our lifes with all her clothes in heap on floor and her little bum going from white to pink and beet red and I can say after I took hold off our little angel and continued to roast her little bum she was begging and promise to be the best girl ever. Our daughter has not even hit puberty and theres know way were let her become a child who thinks they rule the roost or society owes them something and straight to bed with her spanked bum and my wifes gone up now to call her for school with a reminder spanking before school and one off me again this evening with early bedtime. Heres hopeing lesson be learnt but her bottom will pay the piper if its not changed her attitude..

  • I would have beat her white ASS! You p****!

  • I totally admire you for not hitting her back, as she is a girl, and believe me, that would of have resulted in more problems than just £200 out of your account. Anyway, even if I admire you for that, and totally think it was the right decision, as a fellow girl I assure you that woman deserves a punch in the face and more, like, wtf?! Why would she do that?! That is stealing!! Anyway, dont feel bad about her beating you up, most of us women are aware that nearly every man is stronger, that is just genetics, the fact that you did not hurt her is what, in my opinion represents true strength and autocontrol. Believe me, in my eyes, what you did didn't make you less of a "man" but actually more of it. You should take pride on that. Kisses. Adriana

  • I'm a bit late to reply but thank you. I felt like such a moron, and now she treats me like a piece of s*** and laughs at me and orders me to do anything she wants, and hits me now and again for no reason. But thank you you made me feel a lot better haha

  • My childhood friend fights me sometimes, I always fancied her and she knew it but was out of my league looks wise so she would make me buy her things to keep her hanging around me. When I stopped, she jumped on me snd started fighting me, punching me,spitting, biting, stripped me and realised I had a huge erection and laughed. She grabbed my dock so hard, tugged twice and I exploded everywhere. She laughed, grabbed my wallet and took my money leaving me in a flustered, bruised, sticky mess. It became a thing that she still does it 10yrs later and although we duck occasionally because of how hot we find it, she often brings guys to my place to f*** in my bed (I live in a studio apartment!) and usually steals my money to get them a cab home while she sleeps on my sticky sheets. It's so f***** she's fought me in front oh our friends, my girlfriends, guys she f****. She even fought me once to suck a guy's d***. I want to stop it all but I know live for how h**** it makes me. Its lead to me getting proper fetishes like femdom, ball busting, cuckholding almost. We've been having s** a lot more so not sure how this is changing.

  • My older sister kicked my a*** countless times when I was young. I began to pick up anything handy, a chair, stick, absolutely anything and put it on her. That's when dad would get involved and beat my a*** for hitting a girl. It's just no good being a runt to begin with.

  • Never forget.

  • I guess there's a point, but I don't know what it is.

  • Neither do I

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