Married woman cheats with married man for 4 years

I don't need judged I know I cheated. I know I am the hated other woman.I He was my first love and I never let it go. I know he was married. So am I . He has been married 20 years. I have been for 26 years. He was my first true love but he broke up and got a girl pregnant ,17, married her, she cheated and left. Got another woman pregnant married her and this is the person he is with now. He looked for me at ths time but couldn't find me.
Here's the question. Do they ever leave? Or is it even worth my time? I have loved him since I was 12. He asked me 10 years ago to be with him. I said no and I regreted it every day. So when it happened again I jumped at the chance. Yes, I am sorry but I have loved him all my life. Do they leave because now I feel like I am being used. Have I been used? I want to stop but I can't. This has been going on for 4 years.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • If you are happy in that situation then go on with that. for me i just let things happen as day pass by. i will give the decision to time.

  • I am in that situation also. having an affair with a married man although i am also married. he was my former workmate then i saw him at FB we started talking since year 2010 . i plan to leave him and i do it but i feel so lonely. i cant do that. i feel i am not complete without him. my husband doesnt know this. how can i say goodbye without hurting him.

  • Just keep doing what you're doing. If your husband doesn't know, then what's the harm?
    Besides, you KNOW your lover's c*** is better than your husbands.
    You KNOW he c*** more than your husband does.
    You KNOW his s**** tastes sweeter than your husbands.
    You KNOW you like licking his b**** more than you do your husband.
    So what's the problem?

  • After four years of geting away with this have you stop to think that maybe your"husband"is doing the something? or maybe no one cares.

  • All men cheat - all men claim to leave their present relationship for you - NOT going to happen - why would they? The thrill of cheating is what excites them - who is best in the bed>

  • Obvisiouly a scorn women, and liar, keep it up, see where that gets you ? ALONE !

  • 4 years and your husband is clueless? No wonder you're cheating... The two of you must be more like roommates or even strangers then lovers. How sad. Ditch the hub, he's clearly emotionally detached.

  • Whose better in bed, the BF, or your husband? Don't you feel guilty for cheating on your husband? Do you have any idea how it will feel for your husband when he finds out? Just wondering...I am a guy, married my first love 20 years ago...never had s** with another woman, always wondered how s** might feel different with another woman, but, I don't think I could actually cheat...

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