I want to be black bred, need email addresses of bulls



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  • The only people interested in size are blokes, so sorry can't help you there , mate.

  • I happen to hear a lot of women say that. Even over heard my sister say that.... Wish i kept playing video games instead of sneaking a cookie out from the kitchen. Not everyone says that for the credit of some. Like me, but that was a given coming from a male anyway. I'm sure at least 1 man would agree with you.... More then one but not pointing fingers, I say your thoughts are free to your wishes. I support anything you say as long as it doesn't involve world domination or my death in anyway.

  • N****** smell like apes.

  • Black c*** is soooooooo the best.

  • You're a f****** idiot racist. What does the color of someone's c*** have to do with their size or if they can perform? I'll tell you what, nothing, not a damn thing. People like you are the reason racism exist today. Go away you f****** racist ignorant f***.

  • Don't be so brainless. It's nothing to do with racism. The different races in this world have differences particular to their particular race bred into them over thousands of years. For instance the Japanese have the highest proven IQ in the world. Native American Indians cannot drink alcohol because they are deficient of an enzyme that White people have that processes alcohol in the body. Black people have more muscle on average in their body than white people do. They also have a higher s** drive and generally speaking on AVERAGE have bigger and thicker Penises than most other races. White women find the size and thickness of their c**** as well as the color contrast a big turn on and many husbands like to watch their wives getting f***** by a big black c***. There is nothing here that is in any way offensive to anyone and these are facts not racist comments.

  • Your kidding yourself

  • Please explane how the color of someone's junk has anything to do with the size or how good they are in bed. Oh, and don't forget to include scientific references and facts, not just your bullshit opinion.

  • ......yeah I didn't think so!

  • It doesn't need explanation, it's just a fact.

  • Facts require proof you f****** idiot. You would know that if you had more than a 3rd grade education. You have neither, now go back to your ghetto lover.

  • We're all guys, didn't you know there are no women. Oh wait there actually are women in the world if you stop sitting behind that computer and leave your parents house. Get a f****** life.

  • Quit molesting the 8-year old neighbor boy.

  • Go f*** yourself you f****** troll

  • Why would you want anything to do with a disgusting f-u-c-k-i-n-g n-i-g-g-e-r??

  • I think every white woman wants that, at least in secret, in the places in her heart she doesn't speak about openly. It's a fantasy of the taboo, and there is so much beauty and power in it that most white women -- particularly, MARRIED white women -- simply cannot help but want it, and most of them ache for it. The problem is that few of them are able to bring themselves to pursue it, much less to do so aggressively. If you are one of the few, then I wish you well in your efforts, and pray to God that you find the bulls you want and that your body needs. I know that will bring happiness and love to your life.

  • So you are f****** racist. You think only "white" woman want taboo s**? I have news for you, not all women want to f*** black guys. I have no interest in having s** with anyone other than my own race. My taboo s** is to f*** a guy half my age.

  • And you're a guy.

  • No, I'm as woman as they come. But thanks for asking.

  • BS! You're as much a woman as Boy George is.

  • What is wrong with you?

  • What's wrong with you, Ru Paul?

  • Lol, liking your own post is a sign of desperation.

  • They get raped by the savage ape and probably beaten severely.

  • The OP is a guy.

  • Sounds like a guy still living in his mother's basement who spends all his time surfing the web

  • You don't need email addresses, hun: you just need a revealing dress and a trip to a black bar.

  • I'll be glad to breed your nasty ass.

  • Are you married?

  • Yes

  • That makes you even sexier, and makes the situation even more appealing. Sneaking around behind a spouse's back is so totally sexy!

  • ...doesn't sound like a male, to me.....

  • Hahahahahahahaha what kind of guy are you,gay or straight?

  • LOL

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