How do I make this party not suck

So it's not really a party but 6 people in a sleepover, and it's at my house. I've never done this with any of them so it's new for me, and there was this other guy that's having a sleepover and invited them and he's like gonna have drinks and things and his parents won't care, but they came to mine cause I begged them lol. But Anyways they're pretty much expecting me to get them some drinks, not a lot but some, but theirs no way my parents would ever let us drink in the house or at all. And me and the other guy doing a sleepover are like arguing and I'm saying why my house is better for the sleepover, but the thing is I'm scared I'll disappoint everyone and they will all say it was really boring, and like none of them play the games I have on my Xbox, and I don't wanna watch movies all night. I just don't know what to do how can I make it fun so the other guy won't embarrass me and they will all think I'm sick?

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  • We always have fun at ours or friends parties. We play Cards against Humanity but what is different than the norm it is a nudist party nights. Clothes come off as soon as a couple arrive. We only do couples as a single male can get out of line to easily.

  • Why are you asking me ?

    You think the average confessionpost user is a social butterfly ?

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