Girlfriend loves to f*** other guys

I had the idea to let my fiance to start f****** other guys when we first started dating as it was always a fantasy of mine to be with a girl who would f*** hung guys as im below average in size down there.
After the first time we had s** i could tell she couldnt really feel me, i was baaically pounding her as hard as i could and she just smiled looking at me chill like nothing is happening so i knew she needed some big c***.

I suggested her to start sleeping with guys that could please her sexually better then i could. She literally jumped at the chance that afternoon she came back telling me she had f***** a guy friend of hers that inhad met the previous day. Talk about ultimate erousal and embarrassment.

Anyway since then she has f***** loads of guys, hasnt had s** with me in 2 years and i love it!
We have already got some guys coming to the wedding to f*** her after the reception infront of me in her weddung dress.

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  • This is so hot! It's my greatest cuckold fantasy for my virgin fiancée to get f*** by another man. Nothing turns me on more. I hope I can soon have the luck you have, when it comes to s**. I need my fiancée to give another man her virginity because it turns me on so much!

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  • Mine is a total w**** for black c***

  • My now wife f***** 2 guys for 6 months before we got married, though we were engaged fo 2 years prior to our marriage, we had done a couple of 3 some with other friends, but she picked guys I didnt know, she has been with them a few times since we got married, no kids yet.

  • Nice thats a hotwife you have there. Im hoping mine gets pregnant soon to one of her lovers hopefully yours does too.

  • Would love my wife still f**** other guys with my blessing and it is incredible. knowing she is now my wife and still spreading for other men.

  • Hope thier black

  • No she has only f***** white only c***, in case she gets pregnant by chance.

  • Would be a fun story to tell if she had some black babies ;)

  • Dont care if she f**** black, but want her on bc , just in case.

  • Yeah would like that.

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