Love for w****

My mom takes tutions. So there used to come this slutty girl whom I never liked. But one fined day, when nobody was home she came to on the pretext of clearing doubts. I was playing a game and I didn't pay any heed. Then she seduced me. I couldn't control and we started kissing. This continued for around 2 years. I thought I was using her but I had actually fallen in love with her. We were very loyal to each other. After 2 years, I had to go somewhere else to study and so we started being in a long distance relationship. But she started dating many other guys behind my back. Her old self had resurfaced. I am in a dilemma since I want to leave her but I can't since I am still in love. I die everyday seeing her with some other guy.


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  • Where did you go to study. They obviously did not teach you how to write.

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