C**** crap holiday

Wish i knew paradise my freakin spooky weekend vacation.

the beach view was heaven and I paid through the nose for it. just about broke my ass for it as usual living like a begger to give to others. so I paid for the holiday for me and my parents. we went on a wine tasting day outing that was b***** awful. by the first wine place I had had enough of tasting s*** as I am not a drinker anyway.
so we land at this joint called wiccabutts falls (just for the sake of this black ass page of s***). they had some weirdo halloween event scary scarecrow competition on around all the homestead and winery vineyards around the shitshow joint.

so that night was worry about how my kidneys and liver and spleen would cope with an approx half a glass of blonk s*** and the food I had to force down like as a kid for some toffee snot w**** relatives wedding that was fine dining but crrap. yeh, you know what i mean.

passted the bullshit stage by now and the promo garb and hard sell.

so had to take a heap of liver cleanse pills and soak in the spa and heated pool and over night had a dream of a screaming woman or child or cat falling from the hotel as we were up 11 or 17 floors or so. we thought we seen MIGALOO white whale from our hotel balcony through the camera lens. so good a view. all the whales were out in the morning and afternoon.

went to a cemetery some relatives were in and that freaked me out. found a grave with cement caved in - true sign of a vampire. several army plans and helicopters were patrolling around so worried the Koreans had planned to bomb us the f******. Asian f****** f******. they are the only f****** f****** these days.

then over night we hear on the news a kid fell from a hotel from the place the cemetery we went to was in same suburb - super freaked out by now.

we nt to some pitiful farm thing that was not worth the money and a b***** serious poisonous snake freaked me out - a little too close for comfort as well as the few pythons for my liking- and then my dad falls out the train - obviously pushed by the witch at wiccabutts falls windery, however he was sober.

s***** weekender !

what freaky things will happen at the next shitshow break? what a s*** scuz scummy h*** hole weekender dirty bag time.

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  • Some people never even have the experience of a vacation their whole life.

  • I like the way these guys make out they don't make much out of discount sites advertising but they do a lot of it cuz a lot of people can't afford it.

  • Yeh I agree it is expensive..., I missed my cats and can't wait to see my cat from the vet.

  • I would expect more for the money you paid.

  • Same here, the tour guild bought his wife to be with us and all up i paid him $300 for the cheese/wine day, then another $300 for the fruit farm day which did a duck and boat and food tasting tour but so over crowded and not worth the money.

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