I want to be raped

I would really like to be raped, I know it’s bad but I have a few friends who have been raped and they liked it, I’m a 14 year old boy, in Newcastle, aus, what should I do to change the way I feel about this?



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  • Can get that totally. You have an email

  • Hey Give me your number, i will c** and f*** you

  • I started having s** as a much younger boy, nine with an older boy. I guess they'd say I was raped because I was so young and he was a teenager, but it really wasn't rape.
    I actually did get raped by some older boys when I was twelve and a man when I was thirteen almost your age fourteen. It hurts a lot to get raped by a man so I suggest that you just get a boyfriend first like I did. I did sort of like it though, especially with the boys when I was twelve. I actually let um rape me some more times, pretending I didn't want to, lol.
    I'm fifteen now and have been with the man that raped me at thirteen. It's weird I know???

  • Your story is so much like our sons. You got mail address email?

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