Sissy s***

My ex wife caught me dressed in a pink schoolgirl uniform my pink panties around my ankles and two big real men f****** me bareback she took pictures and video to be shown to my then female boss she was a mean b**** more than once I was stripped and made to only wear her 12 year old daughters panties around the office I used to work with only dominant females I was the only male. When my ex showed my boss and the other ladies in the office I was made to wear the schoolgirls uniform and my panties pulled down to my knees the youngest female was just 20 and she was a dominant lesbian who hated men the oldest was 64 and she had big t*** a hairy c*** and she loved watching me use the only female toilets. For over 10 years I was the office sissy girl I would be made to wear whatever I was given I would be sent to get lunches wearing a very very short dress pink princess panties and because I had a bead I just looked ridiculous

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  • I became my first Mother In-laws s** play thing. After she found me in her clothes. I was in heaven all of those years.

  • Mom caught me in my little sister's school uniform skirt and Sunday best panties getting f***** by her best friend from college son.
    It was all pleats and ruffles about my eleven year old boy's bottom. He was seventeen and "should of known better!" According to Mom. What Mom didn't know is it wasn't our first time and I'd dress up for him because I wanted him to like me more, I wanted him to f*** me again, actually as much as he wanted to.
    I was nine when he first f***** me. Him on top of my cherry bottom in tighty-whitie underpants down in the back exposing my cute, firmly fresh cheeks, smooth boyish legs wide apart. He turned my cute little bottom into a boypussy with that first f******.
    Mom still thinks he seduced me when she caught him, his well endowed for a teenagers c*** well planted in her preppie looking boy's bottom. Even though I was dressed up like a pretty little girl waiting for a school bus. Ruffled panties down in the back, the way I like it best. Mom said I was too cute, it was going to happen she knew it, but not so young.
    I'm fifteen now and have him as a boyfriend and other boys too, but mostly around my age, mom's okay with it too.

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