L****** stepmom for years

When I was between four and six years old, I was at my dads apartment and my stepmom was in their bedroom. The door was cracked and I saw her topless. Ever since then I have chased girls and women who resemble her.

As I was growing up I was absolutely obsessed with her sexually. I would m********* to her photos while making out with them. then, I would c** on things of hers. C** in her conditioner, in her lotion, on her panties.

Eventually I would start sticking her tampons up my ass while I jerked off until I found her d**** by mistake. Then I would f*** myself with the d**** or blow it while I jacked off or m********* with it double-barrel style.

In high school I had told a friend that I found the d**** and she overheard him talking about it. Since then she has always flirted with me ever so slightly. Getting closer than she would before so I could feel her b****** graze against me, kissing me on the mouth when we say good bye, being a little more open about s**... even telling me a story about someone seeing her naked really similar to my own experience.

To this day I want to f*** her like it's an addiction. I cannot rid my mind of the thought. I always think of ways to seduce her. It's the hottest, weirdest obsession I have.

Oct 1, 2017

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  • Its all bullshit, but I can remember some memories from when I must have been 5. Nothing 4 and under, other than false memories I think I remember because I looked at old photographs.

  • Your own experience doesn't mean this story isn't true. I remember stuff from the age of 33 months...

  • 4 to 6 years old? Next time you write a bullshit story, pick an age that's more believable.

  • Your experience doesn't mean this story isn't true. I remember stuff from the age of 33 months...

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