Are all guys douche bags???

Why can't i find a decent guy, I am 24, I think i am good looking and keep myself in good shape but every guy i date turns out to SUCK.
Second to last boyfriend wasted 4 months of my life until i realized he watched p*** all day every day and will probably be living in his moms basement when he is 50 because he has no ambition so i broke up with him. Last boyfriend wasted almost a full year before i woke up one night after partying pretty hard and he wasn't in bed, Went to look for him and he was in my room mates room who was passed out while he had her pants pulled down and molested her and when i walked in he was coming on her vag from behind while she slept face down WTF!!!! so i dumped him on the spot.
As of Sunday morning i find myself single yet again after 8 wasted months. My now ex boyfriend and i went to a party with some friends and his friend crashed at his place on the couch, We went to bed and started getting it on, We were fully into it with my feet up on his shoulders when i opened my eyes and there is his frickin friend standing there buck naked. My now ex didn't even slow down or say anything and just kept going and i may or may not have been under the influence of some judgement impairing substances but still was not ok with it, I absolutely said "Dude, GTFO" but my ex kept going and i kind of just thought, whatever.
He stood there for a minute and it's not the first time i have ever done something with someone else in the room but is the first time anyone ever actually was blatantly obvious that they were watching, He sat on the bed by my head and started touching my b****** so i pushed him away a couple times and looked at my ex like WTF and he just shrugged his shoulders and smiled before I gave up and just closed my eyes letting him cop a feel but then he got on his knees and tried sticking his wiener in my mouth, I felt him press it against my lips and opened my eyes and told him "F off, NO" and grabbed it with one hand really hard which i hoped would get the point across but he just smiled and he just went back to touching my b****** i was f****** grossed out while i wiped his come off my lips with the other hand and then I closed my eyes again and just really wanted it to be over.
I had my eyes closed as he was groping me while my ex just kept going like nothing was happening, I just wanted my ex to finish and when he started to i was like "thank god". I had been holding his friends wiener so i could keep it away from my face but somewhere along the way let go of it and I opened my eyes and his friend was kneeling beside my face jerking his little d***, Not trying to be mean but for real he has about the smallest wiener i have seen.
As my ex finished his friend came and shot his load on the side of my face and neck and in my hair, I froze and put my hands up and said Oh my god, What the FUUUUUUCK and just as i was yelling at them he wiped his c** across my mouth.
I punched him and kicked my ex off me, Like for real kicked him and he stumbled back against the wall, I went straight to the shower and was crying as i washed his grossness off me, My ex came in and tried to get in the shower with me and i told him Don't f****** come near me, He stood there as i cleaned myself trying to apologize and when i got out i got dressed while both frickin losers stood there and watched and then i left. He tried to call me all day Sunday until i finally answered and told him Look, Don't ever contact me again, I hope you enjoyed that because it will never happen again and if that's how you treat girls you will die alone and sad, And then hung up and haven't heard from him since.
Is it too much too much to ask for a nice guy who just wants me and just him, Has a job, Doesn't try to molest my room mates, Doesn't want gross things in bed, And is just genuinely nice. I mean i am not against getting a little freaky in the bedroom to make a guy happy but i have my limits and that is so far past any of them. Sorry that was a bit of a rant but for real.
Where are all the decent guys.


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  • Really find some new friends!!

  • No. There are no decent guys. The ones who look like they might be decent just hide their psychosis better. Some may have better jobs and do better financially, but at the core, all men are alike. Sorry, girlie. Most men are exactly the same (juvenile, insecure yet arrogant, perverted, disloyal). And the pickings get even slimmer as you get older.

  • Let me guess, you are a feminist who thinks stereotyping is wrong as you sport your pink p**** hat and call Trump a sexiest pig.
    Yet here you are stereotyping all men.

  • Yes. All guys.

  • Not as bad as the emotional train wreck women they have to deal with. ALL WOMEN!!!!

  • You are hanging with the wrong people.

    1) Stop getting wasted
    2) Stop hanging around with immature guys
    3) Pull yourself together and carry yourself with confidence
    4) Develop a higher sense of morality and be selective

  • The good guys don't want whores. Well, maybe they do for a few weeks. Then they get tired of your s*** and kick you to the curb. W**** around all you want. I'm not judging. But the good guys are not going to want you.

  • Don't f*** the next guy. Wait until you know him better.

  • I'll f*** him if it pleases me! Stop judging me!

  • How about you let his momma f*** you in the ass with a strap on

  • You can lick it clean and let me squat a steaming loaf into your hungry mouth. You game?

  • Liking your own post makes you a r*****, stop doing it.

  • Practice what you preach, imbecile!

  • Haha, you're a fucktard!!

  • You're a magnet for losers because you're a loser yourself.
    Once you come to grips with that fact, you can go on with your sorry excuse for a life.

  • The problem isn't men, it's you. Most women want the fairytale romance with a knight in shining armor. Life doesn't work like that honey. People are a******* and b******, and fairytales only exist in the movies.

  • Stop f****** ignoring the guys you think you're too good for. Chase the bad boys, that's what you get. But you won't learn until you have 3 or 4 kids and he leaves your ass for some young hot thing. By then it will be too late, you'll be 40 years old and trying to find some guy who wants to rase your kids.

  • Dudes can be pretty gross. I'd try to find a guy who is a little older and more mature. The guys you've been hanging with watch way too much p*** it seems.

  • Yes, we are. All of us. I'm glad someone finally noticed.

  • Speak for yourself, twatwaffle!

  • Hahaha!! "Twatwaffle"! Best curse ever! :,D

  • I don't believe that all guys are douchebags. I'm generally nice to people (men and women alike), am quiet, and reserved. There are guys out there who are decent. Just be patient and look in the right places.

  • Feminism has turned most guys into a bunch of douche bags. Enjoy the rape fest! You've been liberated!

  • Gender is irrelevant, when it comes to f***** up and questionable acts/thought processes, carried out by individuals. Everyone is different and a person's gender doesn't determine their actions.

    I'm dating a beautiful hearted person, with a smashing personality. Their gender isn't the reason why they're beautiful and kind, they just are.

  • Now that there are (allegedly) 31 different genders, nobody thinks they are responsible for their actions.

  • That's f***** up.

  • You do know your Ex and his buddy had this planned out don't you?

  • Women are generally too stupid to figure that kind of thing out ....

  • Man that is one F'd up experience. Let me say this and never forget it.
    All men are a s s es, it's just to what degree. I say that with great authority as I am a male. I try hard to be a nice, fun loving considerate guy and still yet sometimes I manage to really impress myself with some dumb thing I pull out of my b u t t.

  • Speak for yourself! To say that ALL men are that way shows that you've been spoon fed feminist BS and now you're regurgitating it like a malleable tool.

  • All men are a****, just like all women are b******.

  • Inaccurate and biased

  • No, all men can be a****, just like all women can be b******. It's a fact, and if you don't think so, than you are in denial.

  • Still inaccurate.

  • And you're still a f****** idiot.

  • While you're a paedophile.

  • Still inaccurate ;)

  • The answer to your question is "yes". Yes, all guys are douchebags. All of them.

  • Nice try, just because you're a miserable cur doesn't make what you say true.

  • Wrong

  • No, it's correct. Saying it's wrong doesn't make it wrong.

  • Got proof that all men are that way? Will you be posting that proof soon?

  • Stating it's correct, doesn't mean it is either ;)

  • Wrong.

  • Sexist pig

  • You wish.:)

  • Ok, how about slutty c***!

  • Idiot

  • Imbecile

  • Yes, there are nice guys. You just have them all in the friend zone.

  • Good point. However, don't be presumptuous, of what you don't know about this person.

  • So true

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