Airplane creeping / panties / tampon

I fly all the time. Last week there was this incredibly HOT chick sitting beside me. We talked a bit and hit it off nicely. She’s married and was connecting to a different flight after an overnight trip when we landed so I knew there was no chance to hook up. She grabs her purse and I have to get up to let her out to the bathroom. She’s walking down the aisle and wow - her ass in those jeans! When she came back I went straight in there and pulled her tampon out of the trash. There was a little blood on it, but the smell was INTOXICATING. I jacked off right there and came in about a minute all over it. Never done anything like that before. Never even thought of it. But the idea that I could touch something that had been inside her was so hot. I came back to the seat and was not believing what i had done.
She’s in the window with me in the aisle. The middle is empty and her bag is under the middle seat. She leans over to get something under the middle seat and her thong is sticking out. BAM - I’m fired up again. She goes to sleep and I can’t help it. I grab her bag,take it to the toilet and snag her dirty panties. SO. FREAKING. HOT.

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  • Yeh gordon smith. that is you. little gordon dwarf elf gnomehead.

  • Nice wanna suck my c*** b**** boy

  • Nope. 30’s white dude. 20’s white chick.

  • Nice. What were the panties like?

  • I smell a s** starved Indian or paki

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