Sniffing Panties is better than s** !!

My wife went out with two colleagues from work last Saturday to the horse races they came over at 11am to get ready and then I took the 3 of them in to town ( left at 1ish) and dropped them of at the course.

And when I got back home I made a drink for myself and pottered around the house sorting things out and tyding up when I got to our spare room where my wife and her 2 friends were getting ready the smell of perfume was strong and then I noticed a few pair of thongs lying around the room I picked them up and smelled them they smelled and tasted Amazing me and my wife are 42 yrs old and her work friend Elaine was 36yrs old and Gemma whom is about 22 yrs old.

I nearly came just smelling them I came in both pairs and then put them back where I found them when I went to pick up the ladies later they were all quite drunk (it was 11pm) my wife isn't a big drinker and the younger girl was passed out Gemma I took them all home worrying about them not been sick in my car took them for some fast food and then arrived home with all 3 ladies.

Helped Gemma in the house with my wife whom was very intoxicated and Elaine had already gone in eating her takeaway food, as I helped her in my house I brushed my hand over her panties several times and felt them damp patches in her thongs I then helped her to our spare room with my wife and we lay her on the bed short skirt and tight small top and left her there, as we was leaving the room I said to my wife whom wanted her takeaway food straight away like Elaine whom was in our kitchen eating away that I should get her a bucket in case she's sick, so I went to kitchen with my wife and I found a bucket to take up to Gemma and left my wife enjoy her Fastfood with Elaine whom were laughing and giggling quite loud.

As I went up to Gemma in our spare room to place the bucket next to the bed and seen her lying there passed out I couldn't help but touch her panties again that she was wearing covering her sweet young p**** as she didn't move I pulled her thongs to oneside and licked her moist p**** and slipped a finger in her I came in my trousers and I left her thanking her for one of the best memories I've every had, I went down stairs took my drunk wife to bed and kissed her passionately her not knowing she was tasting her colleagues p**** juices and I came again. Can't wait for next year at the races.

Oct 15, 2017

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  • Mmm a good deep lick I hope;;

  • I would have payed her a visit when my wife had fallen asleep and f***** that passed out c***.

  • You should of f***** her and slipped your old c*** into that tight p**** you'd of lasted 3 seconds 😂😂😂😂

  • Wow nice story I've c** in my pants just reading this

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