Wearing panties

When I was younger. About 6 or 7 years old I found a pair of my moms panties and hid them till I could really do something with them. I put them under my bed and the next day my mom found them and she told my dad and they mad me strip down to nothing and put them on. The were big but I found that the soft nylon felt very good on me. I hat to keep them on for about a hour and they told me to take them off and my dad said he never wanted me to do that again. About a year later I went to my neighbors house that had 4 girls and one boy that lived there and I found a pair of his sisters panties and put then in my pocked to hide them. No one seen me take them. After I left his house I went to a wooded area that on one could see into and I stripped on my pants and guy shorts and I put on the panties I just took rom that house. The were soft nylon bikini panties in white. I walked around in the woods for a few minutes and the took them off and got dressed again and put the panties back into my pocked. When I got home I went in because it was getting late so I went to get a bath. After the bath I dried off and went to the bedroom and l slipped the panties on and then got into bed. I could not sleep due to the soft bikini nylon panties that I had on. It was about 3 hours later I fell asleep with the panties on. In the morning my mom came into my room to wake up and she pulled off the covers and seen me just in the little bikini panties. After that my dad and mom let me wear the panties when I was home. Now I wear nylon hipster panties and bikini panties and bras and half slips babydoll nightgowns. I love to dress up like a girl even in skirts and girls tops. Girls things are so sexy and that girls are so lucky

Oct 18, 2017

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  • If panties were not so comfortable then guys would not crave them.

  • Trying on new panties is beyond fun.

  • Amen, I wear pretty panties everyday and sometimes bras

  • I’m pleased it all worked out for you.

  • No new confessions here. Slacko.

  • So true. Sadly true.

  • ........boring........................

  • #sickfuck

  • Tell me this try one on. With is comfier? (I say panties)

  • And #seriouslyfuckedup

  • Stop with the bullshit stories already. Everyone knows you are full of s***.

  • Yes very tiresome.

  • Girls clothes are so nice. I had tights and a leotard. After my mom found them she and dad were amazingly nice. I was totally embarrassed but she said he was ok. I would wear them under my clothes under my school uniform.

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